World’s 50 Best Bars in the World announced… guess which one I’m at right now

This past week, The World’s 50 Best Bars in the World, according to a company that does this sort of thing, was announced for 2017. Knowing bars well, I’m good with the list, and I can’t think of any bars that were snubbed.

I’m actually sitting at the bar at Quinary in Hong Kong, which has been open only five years and made #40 out of the 50 bars. Quinary is also #7 out of top 50 bars in Asia.


Obviously, in order to win these awards, there must be an innovative, unique approach to craft cocktails that are inventive, polished and progressive with that certain “wow” factor that impresses both patrons and professionals in the somewhat esoteric world of mixology. While some say craft cocktails are now a standard, that’s true… but craft cocktails at a level like Quinary are something else entirely. It’s an attitude, a lifestyle and an art.

I would recommend sitting at the bar to see the craft cocktail creations in action. The bartenders work fluidly yet in the most robotic manner. I felt like I had a birds-eye view to a science lab in the year 2128. The cocktails they were preparing were forward thinking, and the finished product was, well… like art.


Aesthetically, Quinary had a speakeasy vibe but in the most true way (it was long and dark, backlit bar with little fluff… just a tucked-away bar, no weird and overt 1920s theme here), and some of the most attractive bartenders (which definitely added to actually sitting at the bar… all that eye candy!).

Here’s the entire list of 50 Best Bars in World. Have you been to any of these bars? Would love to hear your thoughts.

World’s 50 Best Bars

1. American Bar, London

2. Dandelyan, London

3. NoMad Bar, New York City

4. Connaught Bar, London

5. The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, New York City

6. The Clumsies, Athens

7. Manhattan, Singapore

8. Attaboy, New York

9. Bar Termini, London

10. Speak Low, Shanghai

11. Little Red Door, Paris

12. Happiness Forgets, London

13. High Five, Tokyo

14. Licoreria Limantour, Mexico City

15. Atlas, Singapore

16. Dante, New York City

17. Oriole, London

18. The Broken Shaker, Miami

19. Candelaria, Paris

20. Himkok, Oslo

21. The Gibson, London

22. Black Pearl, Melbourne, Australia

23. Floreria Atlantico, Buenos Aires

24. Operation Dagger, Singapore

25. 28 Hongkong Street, Singapore

26. Trick Dog, San Francisco

27. Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company, Miami

28. Indulge Experimental Bistro, Taipei

29. Lost & Found, Nicosia

30. Baba Au Rum, Athens

31. Tippling Club, Singapore

32. BlackTail, New York City

33. The Jerry Thomas Project, Rome

34. Le Syndicat, Paris

35. Tales & Spirits, Amsterdam

36. Bar Benfiddich, Tokyo

37. Employees Only, New York City

38. Schumann’s, Munich, Germany

39. La Factoria, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

40. Quinary, Hong Kong

41. Aviary, Chicago

42. Mace, New York City

43. Nightjar, London

44. Linje Tio, Stockholm

45. The Baxter Inn, Sydney

46. ABV, San Francisco

47. Native, Singapore

48. Tommy’s, San Francisco

49. Lobster Bar, Hong Kong

50. Imperial Craft, Tel Aviv

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