5 Ways Delta Air Lines Is A Leader During Covid-19 (Other Airlines Should Pay Attention)

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During the pandemic, most airlines have struggled. Commercial airlines lost up to $252 billion in revenue, and let’s get real: the entire industry was turned upside down. But amid passenger panic, cancellations and lots of passengers going wild, Delta Air Lines is a leader during Covid-19, and the airline went above and beyond for passengers and won the Internet.

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Me flying during pandemic.

Here are 5 ways Delta Air Lines was a leader during Covid-19.

1. Delta Air Lines offers medical workers free flights to help fight coronavirus. 

Delta flight ready to board.

Delta flew healthcare workers and medical volunteers to coronavirus hot spots free of charge starting in April 2020. The states they have been flying workers for free are Georgia, Louisiana and Michigan, according to a press release, which was released March 27.

Following Delta, United and Jetblue have agreed to fly medical volunteers to New York City, free of charge, as of April 4.

Airlines are still flying planes with no passengers during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s why.

2. Delta extends its refund policy for up to two years.

Boarding lanes on Delta. First class (to the right) boards first.

On April 3, 2020, Delta Air Lines extended its refund policy for up to two years. This means that travelers can plan, re-book and make changes with the airline without any stress. Any passenger who has upcoming travel already booked in April or May, or existing eCredits or canceled travel from flights in March, April or May, can have greater flexibility with any flight changes, and all change fees will be waived, through May 31, 2022. 

There is no other U.S. airline that extended rebookings with no fees for up to 2 years (though some airlines did follow suit in similar ways).

Want a full refund? 

Airlines are now required to grant it.

The U.S. Dept of Transportation issued a statement last week, mandating airlines that they must provide a prompt refund to a ticketed passenger when the carrier cancels the passenger’s flight or makes a significant change in the flight schedule and the passenger chooses not to accept the alternative offered by the carrier, or government restrictions prevent flying due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

3. Delta extends elite status for all Premier members through 2021.

On April 5, 2020, Delta Air Lines was a leader during Covid-19 and did something that has already inspired other airlines to follow. Delta Air Lines was the first US airline to extend elite status for all Premier members. This means all Medallion members will have their status through 2021, not 2020. All Medallion Qualification Miles from 2020 will be rolled over to 2021 to qualify for 2022 Medallion Status. 

Also, Skymiles members will have extended expiration dates for any upgrade certificates and travel vouchers. 

United and Alaska are the only other US airline who has extended elite status, following Delta.

4. Delta donates 200,000 pounds of food.

With thousands of flights canceled, people have wondered where all the food is going, especially with upcoming expiration dates. 

Delta found a great way to be charitable. 

On April 7, 2020, Delta donated 200,000 pounds of food to hospitals, community food banks and other groups to help feed those who are ill or on the frontline of the pandemic. 

Delta said it’s distributing its supplies through Feeding America, a Chicago-based nonprofit. 200,000 pounds of charitable food has gone to Feeding America’s partner agencies throughout the US, including Georgia and Missouri, according to a news release. Food is also going to first responders, charities and churches. 

These are the only 3 officials who can green light travel after the pandemic.

5. Delta blocks middle seat on all flights.

Priority boarding Delta.

On April 8, 2020, Delta announced the airline will be blocking all middle seats. The seats are in Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+ and Delta Premium Select across all flights. All middle seats are blocked. No one could book them. This initiative helped passengers practice social distancing should they need to fly right now.

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Have you heard any airline going above and beyond for its passengers? Let us know in the comments.

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