Skydiving, riding in a hot air balloon, touring a winery, going on a sightseeing cruise, and many other unusual things to do in Melbourne. These events are centered around the city’s rich vegetation, stunning scenery, and upscale way of life. To get expansive metropolitan views, you can start partaking in daring sports like skydiving. The hot air balloon ride soaring over the verdant Yarra Valley is your rescuer if you’re searching for something less strenuous but yet exciting. You may take a brief 50-minute tram journey to see Australia’s second-largest city quickly develop before your eyes. The lush Yarra Valley fields and its vineyards are there to entice nature lovers who wish to enjoy the best of Mother Nature. In fact, there are so many wonderful attractions, we highlighted the our favorite, 6 best things to do in Melbourne.

The Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, one of the most endearing towns in Australia, allow visitors to see the breathtaking national flora. You can ascend to the 88th story of the Eureka Building to get panoramic views of the city. If touring Melbourne’s natural splendour isn’t exciting enough, you can also check out some of the city’s best indoor attractions. You must frequent the Melbourne Museum, the National Sports Museum, and Legoland. With your loved ones, relax at the end of the day while taking a dinner cruise along the Yarra River to discover how the river reflects the attractiveness of the city.

Here are 6 of the best things to do in Melbourne

1. Experience Thrilling Rides At Luna Park

Melbourne’s Luna Park, the city’s first amusement park, opened its doors in 1912. It is a popular location for both Melbourne residents and visitors since it is packed with a variety of exciting, brand-new rides to delight all thrill seekers. So, book Luna Park tickets and experience the most well-known and adored theme park, i.e. Luna Park in St. Kilda, which has been there for more than a century. The Park’s Roller Coaster is its most popular attraction. One of Melbourne’s top attractions, the magnificent and enormous wooden coaster whisks riders around the entire park in record time.

2. Skydiving in Melbourne!

There are numerous daring things to do in Melbourne, but Tandem Skydiving is the most thrilling since you get to plunge from a massive 15,000 feet above the ground. Drop from the sky at the St. Kilda drop zone and soar for 5-7 minutes over the upscale metropolis at a height of 15,000 feet. Views of Port Phillip Bay and the stunning skyline of the entire city may be seen. You jump with a qualified instructor as you float above the Yarra Valley and Great Ocean Road. You experience a 60-second, 200 kph free fall that is filled with adrenaline.

3. Experience Melbourne Hot Air Balloon


One of the best things to do in Melbourne is a hot air balloon flight above the Yarra Valley, where you may float comfortably while admiring the beauty of the valley’s surrounding river and verdant terrain. You may take a morning balloon trip above the Yarra Valley through picturesque vegetation and vineyards while taking in breath-blowing vistas of the lush valley and the Yarra river that surrounds it. You can take pictures of Melbourne’s skyline while on the hot air balloon journey. You will glide above the Australian skies for up to an hour during the ride, which begins just before daybreak.

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4. Experience Yarra Valley Wine Tours

Surrounding the beautiful Yarra River, you can tour the Yarra valley and its lush green grasslands. The valley is secluded and calm enough to host a wine session for you. The valley encompasses vineyards and is home to fine wine. You can enjoy cheese, fruits, and juices served with wine directly from the farm: The gourmet food tour takes you to the delicious chocolate at Yarra Valley. Listed among the top open-air activities to do in Melbourne, the valley offers you to walk on captivating trails and enjoy cycling. This makes it one of the 6 best things to do in Melbourne.

 5. Hop On To The Melbourne River Cruise

The Yarra River cruise offers breathtaking views of Melbourne. The Southbank offers a wide selection of cruises that you can board. Nothing compares to the tranquil experience on the cruise that takes a brief trip for an hour among the top things to do in Melbourne. A live commentary explains the history of the Yarra River and the major locations visible from there as you cruise down the river. The parkland closest to the river is called Birraung Marr, meaning the “river of shadows.” The Royal Botanic Garden, the Australian National Tennis Center, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and many other well-known locations are all beautifully shown during the cruise.

6. Enjoy the Views from the Skydeck at Eureka Tower

You must ascend to the 91-story Eureka Tower’s summit to see Melbourne’s 360-degree panoramas. The Southbank’s charming skyscraper is the most accurate imitation of Eureka Stocktrade. The structure boasts stunning windows with gold plating that reflect the most sunshine. For the highest view in the entire Southern Hemisphere, you can ascend to the 88th floor. One of the best things to do in Melbourne at sunset is to take in the 360-degree stunning views of the city. This makes it one of the best things to do in Melbourne.

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