6 Crazy Yet Thrilling Activities To Do In Las Vegas

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If you thought Vegas was all about high-stakes gambling, drinking, pool parties, and over-the-top suites… well, you’re sorta right. But it’s not a true Vegas experience without leaving the casino to participate in crazy yet thrilling activities in Las Vegas.

In fact, Las Vegas was built to be a playground for all types of travelers —especially thrill seekers. With myriad, heart-racing activities and attractions, Las Vegas doesn’t hold back from taking travelers to the edge of their seats, wits and bucket lists.

Las Vegas

Here are the top 6 crazy yet thrilling activities to do in Las Vegas.

  1. Pull a Trigger, Eat Steak and Eggs

If you like a good ol’ fashion indoor range scenario, The Range 702 is a shooting range facility where guests can choose from several packages that include a vast range of guns, from M4s to grenade launchers—and practice on zombies!

It’s the only shooting range in Vegas with a VIP Lounge (which includes pool table, flat-screen TVs, sofas, private bathroom). Best of all, the range serves a hearty breakfast, should strip buffets be so last year.

2. Get Your (Speed) Freak On

If you have a need for speed, Dream Racing gives sports car junkies the chance to saddle up in a demon-fast race car on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. LVMS has been home to top racing events like NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and Dream Racing offers a range of super cars and race cars (exclusive in Vegas) for those who want to get all Fast & Furious.

3. Get High, Lose Consciousness

Not for the faint of heart, Sky Combat Ace gives real passengers the opportunity to fly aerobatic fighter planes. There’s literally no other place in the world passengers can fly their own jet (with a licensed pilot riding shotgun).

The plane loops through the sky like a roller coaster and can go up to 250 miles per hour. Repeat guests ask for the G-Lock, a gravity induced loss of consciousness that gives, well… a different kind of high.

4. Get Man-Pampered at Bellagio

Bellagio Las Vegas.

If you’re a guy going for the full spa monty, head to Bellagio, home to a 55,000-square-foot spa in its own wing. Men have their own facilities, which includes outdoor balconies that overlook the pools, dressing area, wellness room with three hot tubs, cold plunge pool, steam and sauna. Don’t miss a game with the lounge that’s well equipped with juices, sofas and flat-screen TVs. While this is completely the opposite of thrilling adventures, men will find this spa a palace—it’s like being a boy in a candy shop.

5. Zip On Through To the Other Side

Reach great heights (literally) with FlightLinez, a zip-line course just thirty minutes from the strip near the Hoover Dam in Bootleg Canyon (famous for its mountain biking trails, should you want to peel some dust after). The series of zips gets high (1,100 feet) and long (2,546 feet) and, should you want to live on the edge, groups of eight or more can book an outing at any time of day or night because, naturally, 4 AM zips are all the rage.

6. Dig a Really Big Hole

Dig This offers a playground for those who like their toys big and… well, big. Guests have the opportunity to get behind the wheels of actual bulldozers or excavators and pummel the earth with monster blades.

Options offered include digging gigantic trenches, stacking 2,000 pound tires or building huge mounds. Playing in the sandbox takes on a whole new meaning here.

And, yes, hardhat is included.

If you’re heading to Vegas, don’t forget to social distance and wear your mask. Here are our favorite (affordable) masks you can buy on Amazon.

What are some of your favorite thrilling activities in Las Vegas? Let us know in comments below.

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