6 Luxury Hotels That Make Their Own Skincare Line

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Many luxury hotels may woo spa-goers with pampering spas, but they truly impress the bath and beauty enthusiast when they produce their own line of skin and body care products. Customized ingredients, fragrance and myriad benefits embody the luxury hotel spa’s philosophy and are one of a kind. We rounded up our favorite hotels and resorts that make their own skincare line, flaunting great products of their own, all of which get our stamp of approval.

  1. Aman Resorts

The luxury chain Aman Resorts panders to high-rollers and celebrities (Angelina Jolie is a fan) with over 30 properties around the world in exclusive settings.

Debuted in 2011, the Aman Resorts spa line includes all organic products tailored for facials and body treatments. The line, chockfull of essential oils and anti-aging ingredients, is sold exclusively at Aman spas and online.

2. Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

Known for its health and wellness programs, the internationally known Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts offers their own signature skincare and toiletry line. The line is infused with nourishing oils and herbs, and some products like the Aloe Lavender Hair Shampoo are popular amongst loyal guests. The products range from body scrubs to hair mists and even non-hotel guests can order online.

3 Fairmont Grand Del Mar, San Diego, California

The decadent spa at Grand Del Mar is luxurious and pampering with blissful treatment rooms, an outdoor pool and plenty of services to keep spa-goers content for days on end. The spa has its own product line, having worked in tandem with Spa Technologies out of New York (who also works with Montage Hotels). The customized products range from moisturizers to anti-aging serums.

4. Four Seasons Hualalai, Big Island, Hawaii

Guests at Four Seasons Hualalai are in tropical paradise, and they are treated to further pampering with toiletries made exclusively for the hotel. The five-star resort collaborated with the Kawili Project to produce all-organic and solar-powered manufactured products created by L’oeil du Vert. The range of spa and in-room products include shampoos, conditioners and aloe after-sun body lotions.

5. Les Sources de Caudalie

This five-star boutique in Bordeaux, France, is a rustic retreat for lovers of wine and romance. The signature spa is famous for providing one of the world’s most well known vinotherapie lines: Caudalie.

Not only is the spa ultra pampering with natural hot springs to boot but the products are rich in minerals and, of course, grape seed, which is known to reduce the signs of aging. Caudalie is sold internationally at high-end boutiques.

6. Golden Door

I Tried “Men’s Week” At Golden Door Wellness Resort — Here’s What It’s Like

This top-notch wellness resort in California offers its very own, all-organic skincare and body care line. The products, which include a full range of cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and treatments for the face, as well as body products, are featured in every guest room, and guests can buy them in the shop.

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Do you know any hotels and resorts that have their own skincare line and you love it? Let us know in the comments below.

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