6 Top Gaming Capitals Every Gamer Should Visit

Gaming is has become integral to culture, and it’s a big part of many young people’s lives. However, no matter how much anyone enjoys games, there’s a chance that gaming enthusiasts will want to visit destinations that are truly “gaming”-centric — ie: having fast internet speeds — places known for a large gaming community or relevant attractions and activities. Luckily, there are plenty of cities around the globe that are perfect for gamers. If you want to visit one of the top gaming capitals, or perhaps you’re thinking of actually moving to one the cities that offer the ideal gaming community, lightning-fast internet speeds and great attractions, here’s a starter kit to 6 of our favorite gaming capitals every gamer should visit.


Internet Speed Is Important For Gamers

First, we should make it absolutely clear, as gaming enthusiasts, we chose cities that have fast internet speeds for our top gaming capitals every gamer should visit. Sure, there are hundreds of great destinations, but some stand out more than others. We’re living in a connected world where having access means communicating with others but also having fun. No matter if you’re playing games on top Apple Pay casino sites or chatting with your close friends on Discord, one thing is certain, you’re having a lot of fun, and you can’t do this with slow WIFI. To ensure everything’s running smoothly, you need a reliable connection with low latency and big bandwidth.

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Each of these features performs flawlessly in each gaming capital we’ll mention below. That means casual players and hardcore gamers can count on reliable connections no matter where they are. Whether it’s a stream from one of the top live casino sites found in a trustworthy online casino list, a real money poker game or an MMO, or any other online game is irrelevant. They know that their connection will be uninterrupted and quick. That allows them to make quick moves, especially in fast-paced games such as first-person shooters.

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6 top gaming capitals of the world that every gamer should visit


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hot guy with food Finland

Amsterdam has long been home to some of the best gaming companies in the world. The city’s reputation as a hotbed of innovation and technology dates back to its trading days. However, even today, you can bet that it’s still playing host to some of the most cutting-edge developers in the business. It’s no surprise that Amsterdam has more than its fair share of video game studios: over 40% of Dutch citizens play games on their smartphones daily, and this number is only increasing.

If you love gaming and want an environment where your passion can flourish, Amsterdam is worth considering as a destination for your next holiday.

Osaka, Japan

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for ANA

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, and it boasts a population of 2.7 million people. This major port city has been a trade hub since medieval times and has evolved into a modern metropolis with an eclectic mix of attractions, including temples and shrines, traditional architecture, shopping districts, museums, amusement parks, street festivals, cosplay conventions and more. On top of that, it features one of the fastest internet connections.

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden most sustainable destination
Photo: Petersso Kristianstad, biosphere reserve, Sweden.

As you may already know, Stockholm is one of the best cities for gaming. The city has a great internet connection, which makes it easy to play online games. It also has many gaming companies and events held here.

But the city also offers so much more to its residents. It’s the epitome of what Swedish culture is all about. The only way to understand it is to see it yourself.

Shenzhen, China


Founded in the late 1970s during China’s economic reforms, Shenzhen has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It’s home to big tech companies like Tencent and Huawei and is known as a place where you can do business. Businesses that want to expand their operations into China often choose Shenzhen to set up their new headquarters because it’s easy for foreigners to get residency permits there. The city is also known as an electronics manufacturing hub. Therefore, it’s one of the cities that, without a doubt, has insane internet speeds.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Photo: Wei-En-Chan

Berlin is a great gaming city. It’s home to many companies that are in the gaming industry. The internet is fast and stable, which makes it easy for companies to send large files back and forth when working together on projects. Berlin has held multiple gaming events over the years, including one where people can play together in a shared space and enjoy food while gaming. Plus, it counts numerous attractions.

San Francisco Bay Area

Four Seasons San Francisco
San Fran

The San Francisco Bay Area is the best place in the world to go to if you’re a gamer. It has the fastest internet speeds, which makes it easier for you to play online games. There are also many gaming companies and game developers located here, so there are plenty of jobs for people who want to work as game developers.

The reason why this location is appealing is that there are many gamers here who enjoy playing video games at home or in an arcade. If you come here with your friends, they can play their favourite games while enjoying real-life experiences like going out.

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Conclusion: Fast Internet Speeds are Key For Top Gaming Capitals of the World

The internet infrastructure in these areas is some of the best in the world, making them ideal places to game. These cities offer many options for gamers, including cafes and arcades where you can play games with others or simply use your device on their free WiFi connection. Aside from that, each of these cities is culturally rich, meaning you will also have a lot to visit once you’re there.

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