62% of Travelers Regret Taking Vacations During Covid-19 — Here’s Why

Due to Covid-19, traveling is frowned upon by millions of Americans, especially since most people want the pandemic to be over—and taking a vacation doesn’t help. In fact, travel shaming is becoming a real thing, and people who go on vacation are rarely posting social media. But there’s another reason why people aren’t taking trips any time soon, and it’s why 62% Americans regret traveling during Covid-19.

From a new survey, 62% of travelers regret taking their vacation or any travel during Covid-19 due to limitations on their trip. This is according to IPX 1031, which surveyed more than 2,000 people from across the country who have either taken a vacation this year or plan to do so.

Regret taking vacations

Why travelers may be convinced it’s safe to travel

Even though traveling is unsafe during the pandemic, it’s hard to feel that everyone agrees with that sentiment. Airlines have been doing everything they can to make passengers feel safe, and in many cases, have mislead the public.

Now that more Americans are clear about the risk factors of flying, many U.S. airlines are continuing to dangle a carrot. Some airlines are even offering expensive Covid-19 tests so their passengers can skip the 14-day quarantine in select destinations.

airlines offering covid-19 test
United Airlines.

The limitations of traveling right now should be observed by travelers

In addition to the many disadvantages and concerns for travel during Covid-19, there are those common limitations that not every traveler will think about right away when they plan a trip. One thing every traveler must remember if they are going to travel during Covid-19: Not everything is open almost everywhere you go.

Social distance travel event Clearwater
Courtesy of St. Pete/Clearwater.

Most bars and nightlife are closed in major cities. Restaurants are only limited to patio seating (for the time being, as weather across major regions of the world are getting colder). Attractions are closed or have major social distancing limitations, which can directly affect your experience. Stadiums don’t allow fans in many states, meaning sports is out of the question. The list goes on.

As a reminder, across the country, and in many parts of the world, places have instituted that mandatory 14-day quarantine for travelers. When someone travels to one of these places that enforce the quarantine, they could be stuck in a hotel room for 14 days — but even if the rule didn’t exist, what exactly can that person do on a trip after all the limitations have been presented?

travel during covid-19

The same idea applies to a traveler checking into a hotel. Across the country, many hotels have limited amenities and facilities that are open. Travelers are essentially given access to their room and the lobby, but not much else (again, this is all depending on the destination and many other factors that the hotel may employ).

Traveling now can be even more stressful than before

Many travelers felt stressed when they traveled during Covid-19, according to the report, and with good reason. Stress will naturally happen with the uncertainty someone feels about the virus and the state of travel, as well as concerns about getting the virus on a plane, airport, hotel or attraction.

Stress can come even when a traveler returns home. Their experience will have been compromised on their trip, and they could feel that they wasted money and time, which can cause stress. It’s a strong reason why people regret travel during Covid-19, and regretting travel after the trip is another reason to cause stress.

traveling during Covid-19

This may explain why the report found 27% of American had taken a vacation since Covid-19 began, and 62% of those surveyed ended up regretting their vacations due to the limitations involved, as well as stress.

Only 20% of Americans say they are planning a vacation this year still. However, 64% don’t feel safe flying, and 33% say they won’t fly until there is a vaccine.

Avoid travel regret during Covid-19

So while passenger shaming is on the rise, so is travel regret. In fact, more Americans have travel regret during Covid-19 every day, and until there is a vaccine, travel will continue to be compromised.

With the holidays coming up, more health experts and official are urging not to travel, especially with the sudden spike in Covid-19 cases in the U.S. The best thing a traveler can do? Put their trip on hold, and save their time and money until the country has bounced back. While the travel industry has been significantly impacted with a $2.1 trillion price tag, a person’s health — and mental health — is of the utmost importance.

Will you travel during Covid-19? Let us know why or why not in the comments below.

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