7 Positive Predictions For Travel After Covid-19

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The travel industry is projected to lose $2 trillion in revenue. That’s a harsh statistic, but we can also see positive predictions after Covid-19.

While Covid-19 is wreaking havoc and causing a global pandemic, many people are trying to look at positive outcomes in travel — and there are many starting to unfold. In fact, for all the challenging aspects, there are equally promising outcomes that will likely have a positive, long-term impact. 

Travel is on the brink of change, and there’s going to be some tough love for the next few years, but overall, it will be even stronger on the other side. Travelers will be better travelers, businesses will be better businesses and responsibility of our planet will go to a whole new level. Travel will, in fact, have positive predictions after Covid-19.

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Here are 7 positive predictions for travel after Covid-19.

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1. People are seeing climate change is real during the pandemic and will take strong efforts to combat it.

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All around the world, during the pandemic, notoriously polluted places are… well, clean for once. Los Angeles, known to have some of the worst air quality in the US, showed it had some of the cleanest air of any major city in the world, according to IQAIR, a Swiss air quality technology company that monitors pollution levels. This is because people were quarantining, not driving, not emitting gases and businesses closed. 

During the lockdown in India, you could see Nepal for the first time in decades. 


Dozens of cities reported cleaner air due to lockdowns, and governments are paying attention. 

Even in the US, renewable energy sources accounted for nearly 21 percent of electricity, and will continue to grow, according to The New York Times.

The global awakening for climate change was truly taken to another level with Greta Thunberg, but now more people will see how carbon emissions truly affect our world, and there could be a stronger rise to combat global warming. 

2. Animals and wildlife will get more love and attention.

Thousands of national parks closed due to coronavirus pandemic, which has been great for the animals roaming free in their natural habitat (but also confused with the lack of humans). Zoos have also closed, leaving the animals super lonely. 

Animals have reacted in strong ways without humans around, and conversely, humans have become more aware of the beauty animals, their natural habitats and livelihoods. In fact, in the wake of coronavirus, more countries have been conscious of global wildlife trade to help stop illegal trafficking and poaching of wild animals, according to World Economic Forum.

Once the travel ban lifts, we could see a rise in animal protection and preservation, from both civilians and governments. 

3. Unbelievable travel deals will be the new normal.

Airlines, hotels, destinations and restaurants have been hurt considerably during the coronavirus. Businesses have lost millions of dollars. You would think they’ll have high rates following the pandemic to make up for their losses but it will be the complete opposite.

Travel businesses will lower prices significantly to lure visitors back, competing with hundreds of other similar businesses, with unbelievable and incredible deals. 

This will be the new normal until the end of 2021—maybe longer. It’s one of our key travel predictions after Covid-19.

4. It will be a lot *safer* to travel, a key travel prediction after Covid-19.

Safety will be a priority. It will be the first thing travelers research when they start planning their trips; they’ll want to know they’re going to be in a safe space.

As a result, tourism boards will need to show their destination is safe to visit; hotels and resorts will need to prove they have strict standards for cleanliness and people are checking in; the list goes on.

Businesses in travel will need to prove it is indeed safe for business, and they will set a whole new standard for safety. In fact, if you scroll through any airline’s social media accounts, they continue to reassure passengers with the strict safety measures they’ve implemented. This is the new normal of the new standard.

Businesses will understand safety will be a top priority moving forward, and will set an even higher standard.

5. Service will be so so so much better.

Hospitality is in a position to prove the very word hospitality. After the travel ban lifts, management will take extra steps to ensure the staff offers the best service. In fact, they may bend over backwards in ways they never have before to ensure your visit is unforgettable. 

At the same time, thousands of people will be grateful they’re back to work, and they’ll naturally be in better moods. They’ll be grateful for all the blessings they have, and they’ll pass it along to you. 

6. People will be better travelers.

Passenger shaming is a relatively new trend that shaped in the past decade, and bad tourist behavior has also been rampant.

As a positive travel prediction, there will likely be less of both incidents. Travelers have seen how much we’ve lost, and we may be more grateful with what we have. There will be a new wave of travelers who appreciate traveling. It will be a nice moment to embrace, and a key travel predictions after Covid-19.

7. Flights will be cheap for years.

Airfare will drop, one of the airline predictions.

Airfare is currently the lowest its ever been in history, and this will continue through 2021. In fact, we can expect up to 35% decrease in average airfare as travel demand picks back up, according to Dollar Flight Club, a travel company that analyzed data compared to 9/11 and Great Recession. 

For more airline predictions, check out 9 airline predictions based on the aftermath of 9/11 and Great Recession of 2008. 

Do you have any positive travel predictions after Covid-19? Let us know in the comments below!

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