8 Cute Dog-Friendly Photos Of JetsetRuby In Brooklyn To Start Your Week

Water fountain Domino Park

JetsetRuby, my cute pup and fierce travel partner of 8 years, has been settling well in dog-friendly Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where we moved last year from East Village. The summer has been hot, but also fun, which is why we traveled little and explored more of New York City. Here are 8 cute dog photos of JetsetRuby in and around dog-friendly Brooklyn to start your work week!

JetsetRuby at dog-friendly Meadowsweet, a Michelin-rated restaurant in Brooklyn that is also extremely pet-friendly. We have brunch here once a week in the outdoor patio!

Ruby at Meadowsweet
Ruby at dog-friendly Meadowsweet

The temperature reached nearly 100 in July. Ruby likes cooling off at fountains in parks, like this one in Williamsburg.

Ruby at park in Williamsburg
Ruby at park in Williamsburg

Ruby is a huge fan of Domino Park right on the East River. Here’s a cool dog sculpture made entirely out of Kibbles N Bits that was there for perhaps 2 weeks (not sure why it was removed). Anyway, Domino park is in dog-friendly Williamsburg, and it’s definitely one of the best places to take your pup for a stroll.

Dog sculpture at Domino Park
Dog sculpture at Domino Park

JetsetRuby loves Mccarren Park, especially the fountains here! I go early in the morning (before 8 am) to let her run around for a hot sec. It’s one of the reasons why dog-friendly Brooklyn is an amazing place.

Mccarren Park
Mccarren Park

Here’s Ruby back at the fountain on a different morning. It was 80 degrees that morning! Whenever we come, there’s nobody here, which is great, but when someone does arrive, all they do is rush over to Ruby to give her kisses. That’s what you get for living in dog-friendly Williamsburg 🙂

McCarren Park

There’s a handful of squash courts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here’s one Ruby likes to go to in the morning to chill a bit before people arrive. Dog-friendly Brooklyn is an understatement!

NYC squash court

OK, this photo is not NYC. We were up in the Catskills at a dog-friendly VRBO. She had a blast here!

Dog friendly Catskills
Dog friendly Catskills

Ruby chilling out on my work desk. She likes to sit on the desk with me while I work out of my amazing Nouhaus chair. In any case, doesn’t matter if you’re indoors or outdoors – dog-friendly Brooklyn all around.

Jetsetruby at home

Don’t forget to follow Jetsetruby on Instagram to check out all her travel adventures when we’re back on the road this fall! She’ll also be uploading her favorite places in dog-friendly Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

If you’re traveling with your pup, definitely get this stylish soft-sided case on Amazon that I use for Ruby. It’s certified for airlines, and great for checking into hotels when she’s too tired to walk!

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