8 Sustainable Glamping Hotels in Costa Rica to Get Lost In

A room at the luxurious Nayara Tented Camp in Costa Rica

You’re on the hunt for the best glamping hotels in Costa Rica, but, it can be a slog to snag that perfect, braggadocios safari-style tent near all the attractions, with kush digs, great food, and a commitment to sustainability.

For good reason—Costa Rica has over 25 hotels that offer eco-conscious glamping stays scattered from coast to jungle to river settings. After poking through them all, I whittled down Costa Rica’s best sustainable glamping hotels based on the following criteria.

  • Serious commitment to sustainability
  • Glamping under a tented roof, dome, or in an open villa
  • Mosquito nets (!!!)
  • Proximity to vacation goals
  • Access to great guides
  • Decent privacy
  • Great food options
  • Rooms for solos, couples, and small groups
  • Extra star power, such as a great view, private access, a big name guide, etc.

I’ve been to Costa Rica a few times and Nicaragua as well. However, I have not been to most of the glamping hotels on this list. Instead, I did all the planning as if I were going. Read the reviews. Obsessed over location, camp layouts, activities, food options, and amenities. The results are conglomerated here. I hope it helps save you some time in planning your escape to the Pura Vida.

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The Best Sustainable Glamping Camps in Costa Rica

Coastal Glamping Vibes

It’s hard to find real sustainable glamping right on the beach in Costa Rica unless you’re willing to travel for it.

  1. Colina Secreta, Caribbean Coast
  2. Faith Glamping Dome, Caribbean Coast
  3. Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel, Isla Jesusita

Luxury Camping in the Jungle

Most of the glamping in the rainforest is never too far from a river or the ocean, but the surround sound of the wildlife is the main show at camp.

  1. Luna Lodge, Osa Peninsula
  2. Ko Glamping, Puntarenas
  3. Nayara Tented Camp, Arenal Volcano

Glamping Camps with River Adventures

River rats take note! There are some great class II and III rapids awaiting your jungle-adventure.

  1. Pacure Lodge, Central Costa Rica
  2. Rafiki Safari Lodge, Puntarenas


Colina Secreta, Caribbean Coast–Getaway glamping with fishing and local experiences

Colina Secreta Glamping in Costa Rica
The safari-style glamping tents at Colina Secreta are a step up from most others.

Hidden on Costa Rica’s rarely visited Caribbean Coast, this glamping site is a gem, blending rustic elegance with untouched natural beauty. Romantic and quiet with plenty of options for adventure. It’s just perched between stunning golden beaches and the rainforest, radiating green.

Price range—$125-$200

Vacation goals—Glamping here puts you at the gateway to Cahuita National Park, which spans from sea to jungle, with great snorkeling and hiking, zip-lining and surfing. Feeling lazy-ish? Hop on a bike and go chill out at the beach. Don’t leave without taking time to explore the local Caribbean culture and unique food.

Glamping situation—Spacious safari tents are adorned with artifacts and art inspired by early 20th-century adventurers and painters. Enjoy the luxury of outdoor showers and premium amenities in each tent. Couples will want the king-size bed and balcony views in the Van Gogh room.

Star factor—The highlight here is the unique Fly Fishing Program, where you join pro fisherman Martin Berrini for an immersive experience in a local indigenous village, complete with traditional chocolate-making sessions

Green—Highly awarded, no single-use plastics, organizes beach clean-ups with the local community, uses renewable energy, vegan and veggie options,

Food—Breakfast is included, but for lunch and dinner there are a variety of options in town, 5-minutes away.

Glamping season—Fall is the driest time to glamp here, but the rains from February to August thin out the crowds.

Get there—Choose your own adventure—It’s a 45-minute flight from San Juan Airport (SJO) to Puerto Jimenez. Or, rent a 4×4 for an epic 8-9 hour road trip across Costa Rica.


Faith Glamping Dome, Caribbean Coast–Glamping pods where you can hear the waves crashing

Faith Glamping Dome in Costa Rica
The Deluxe Glamping Dome at Faith Glamping Camp comes with stellar views

Price Rage—$150-$310 per night

Camp is a few eco glamping domes, perched on the edge of the jungle, where you can wake up to views of the Caribbean Sea and spend the day on a private beach.

Vacation goals—Beach, eat, and unwind. The host of the “glampgrounds” can connect you to local guides for adventures from snorkeling to sea kayaking, to massages and yoga if you get antsy.

Glamping situation—The glamping domes here are spacious, clean, with cozy beds, and are private, with balconies. Sky windows let you see wildlife crawling above you (Howler monkeys, at 5AM, specifically). A wall of windows let you eat that view for breakfast. The combination ocean waves and rhythmic chirping of the jungle lull you to sleep (or keep you up all night, bring ear plugs just in case)

Star Factor—Visitors here rave about the hospitality and secluded location

Green—Offsets carbon footprint and invests in local sustainability projects, vegan and vegetarian options, and no single-use plastics.

Food—No food, but plenty of restaurants are available in town, a short walk.

Glamping season—Fall is the best season, but if all you want to do is relax and can tolerate periodic rain, any time of year is great.

Get there—It’s the same 45-minute flight from San Juan Airport (SJO) to Puerto Jimenez. Or, 8-9 hour road trip across Costa Rica in a 4×4.

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Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel, Isla Jesusita– Luxury Camping on a secluded Island with journeys into unspoiled wilderness

Isla Chiquita Glamping on a secluded island in Costa Rica
Looking to go glamping on a secluded island? Isla Chiquita is your only and best option!

Your ideal glamping home is on a tiny island reserve with nothing but you and a few friendly locals, where you do nothing but eat fresh seafood, adventure into the wiles, and drift into memories made on bioluminescent shores.

Price Range—$200 – $750 per night.

Star Factor—The fresh seafood and remote, tranquil location with no other tourists.

Glamping situation—Double-reinforced safari glamping tents on raised platforms with views of the Gulf. Basic options don’t have much more than a bed. Premium tents come with air conditioning and hot tubs.

Vacation goals—The bioluminescent bay is a big draw, but everything else revolves around island life. Sea kayaking and whale watching. Sport fishing and sailing. Snorkeling and secluded beaches.

Green—Awarded the Carbon Neutrality Certificate from the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment, the sun powers most of the property, no-single use plastics.

Food—Various packages from all-inclusive meals to complimentary breakfast.

Glamping Season—The island is mostly dry and very green from April to June

Get there—From San Juan Airport (SJO) it’s two hours to Puntarenas by car, a ferry or to Paquera, then a free water taxi to Isla Chiquita (or a private boat from Puntarenas). From Guanacaste Airport (LIR) it’s a three-hour drive to the water taxi at Paquera. It’s also possible to fly into Tambor, much closer to Paquera.



Luna Lodge, Osa Peninsula–Luxury glamping yoga retreat with glimpses of rare wildlife

The beds at the Luna Lodge Glamping Tents
The sounds of the jungle lull you to sleep and gently rock you awake at the Luna Lodge glamping tents.

This wellness camp is tucked away on the edge of the Osa Peninsula and a 15-minute drive to the beach, in one of the most bio diverse, but rarely visited jungles in the world.

Price range—$300 – $600 per night.

Vacation goals—If you’re a nature-loving adventurer this place has everything you could want from a glamping experience. Wedged between the Pacific, the Gulf, and Corcovado National Park, the Osa Peninsula is a mini-Costa Rica. From guided tours into the Park to underwater adventures, waterfalls to stargazing, kayaking to safaris, you can find the best of everything the Pura Vida has to offer.

Glamping situation—Each of eco-conscious abodes here qualify as glamping on this list. But, the “glamping safari-style tents” at Luna Lodge push the boundaries of camping. Bungalows are exponentially more luxurious, with comfy beds, warm water, and stunning views…and still afford ample outdoor living.

Star factor—The yoga program attracts aspiring teachers from all over the world.

Sustainability— No single-use plastics, run on entirely renewable energy, water-efficient toilets, veggie and vegan menu options.

Food—Meals are health focused and are included in the price.

Green—No single-use plastics, run on entirely renewable energy, water-efficient toilets, veggie and vegan menu options.

Glamping season—Monkey and sloth sightings are best in dry season from December to April. The bird watching is better in October and November, but it can get wet. Visit in late summer to see nesting sea turtles.

How to get there—Fly into San Juan Airport (SJO), then it’s 2 hours by road (car, transfer, or bus) or 45 minutes by small plane to Puerto Jimenez where there is private transportation.

Ko Glamping, Puntarenas–Rustic and Eco-Friendly Safari Tents, a 5-minute drive to the beach

Ko Glamping in Costa Rica
The glamping tents at Ko make it easy for you to discover Costa Rica!

Don’t mind roughing it? Check out these no frills but well-appointed eco-glamping tents with private decks overlooking the river, and a common kitchen.

Price range—$90-$100

The vacation goal—This part of Puntarenas is off the beaten path for a reason— There isn’t much to do, which is why it’s a great place for glamping. Relax on one of the remote, white sandy beaches or swim at the foot of jungle waterfalls. Horseback riding and zip lining are available for ye restless souls.

The glamping situation—Simple and private canvas tents with comfy beds on wooden platforms with outdoor showers and hammocks.

Star factor—The real highlight here is the exclusive access to Montezuma waterfall and its enchanting swim holes. Explore the myriad of hiking trails along the Montezuma river, all at your doorstep.

Green—Ko Glamping is at the forefront of community investment, championing extensive sustainability initiatives to preserve the natural beauty of the area

Food— Start your day with a complimentary breakfast. For more dining variety than your version of Costa Rican home cooking, it’s a short stroll to the local restaurants in town.

Season— Only open during Summer— December 1–May 1

How to get there—Fly into either San Juan Airport (SJO) or Guanacaste Airport (LIR) and transfer by small plane to Tambor, then it’s a 25-minute taxi. You can also drive, but will encounter unpaved roads, and potentially a ferry. By foot, a boat taxi leaves from the town of Jaco on the Central Coast in the late morning.

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Nayara Tented Camp, Arenal Volcano–The most Luxurious Glamping in Costa Rica, with unbeatable views

A room at the luxurious Nayara Tented Camp in Costa Rica
A room at the luxurious Nayara Tented Camp in Costa Rica

Luxury outdoor living beyond glamping. Where you will wake up as the guest of honor at treetop sanctuary out of of your Architectural Digest dreams.

Price range—About $950-$4000 per night.

Vacation goals—Go on a kayaking adventure across Arenal Lake, Costa Rica’s largest, for a true taste of this upscale glamping experience. Don’t miss the hike to Arenal Volcano, complete with suspension bridges and dried lava fields. Other highlights include zip-lining, exploring waterfalls, and relaxing in thermal springs. Nayara has it all

Glamping situation—Opulent walled rooms with Wi-Fi, flat screens and open tented roofing. In every room, you can roll out of bed, into an infinity pool, fed by natural spring water, perched over the jungle…and soak in the views of volcanoes. The tented camp is part of a larger complex including the adults-only Nayara Springs, which you have access to.

Star factor—Connected by hanging bridges, located to a sloth preserve with views of the majestic Arenal Volcano… There is no more luxurious glamping in Costa Rica. With bamboo, local coffee, and volcanic mud treatments in an open air sanctuary, the spa might be worth the trip, alone.

Green—No single-use plastics or amenities, renewable, motion controlled energy, water-efficient toilets and showers, veggie and vegan menu options.

Food—Breakfast is included. The gourmet on-site restaurants serve Mediterranean and local cuisine. The bar serves poolside.

Glamping season—January to May are hot, with cool evenings and some rain. June to December are muggy and hot, with some rain.

Get there—It’s a scenic 2.5 hour drive from San Juan Airport (SJO) or 3 from Guanacaste Airport (LIR). Head to the town of Fortuna, where the hotel shuttle awaits. Short flights are also available.



Pacure Lodge, Central Costa Rica–Glamping villas with top-shelf service you raft into

The Pacuare Linda Vista Villas
The Pacuare Linda Vista Villas

At this upscale adventure glamping lodge in the jungle, the adventure starts as soon as you arrive— via white water raft. Good thing the spa menu is full of ways to relax, like a Chocolate massage.

Price Range—$1000 – $1200

Vacation goal—Rafting the Pacuare river, canyoning, zip-lining and trekking ancient indigenous trails, right from the hotel.

Glamping situation—Secluded, upscale, open-air villas, set amidst the jungle. The best luxury glamping here comes with spring-fed plunge pools, but no matter which room you get, there’ll be a hammock with an incredible view.

Star Factor—Pacuare Lodge stands out for its exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail, a hallmark of the Boena family of lodges. The luxurious outdoor accommodations are so enchanting, you might never want to leave.

Green—Energy comes from hydroelectric and solar power, directly preserves the local forest and endangered wildlife, food comes from a proprietary organic farm, clean waste management, no single-use plastics, and more

Food—All meals are included and are sourced from the hotel’s own organic farm. The dining room is spectacular.

Glamping season—The river levels are higher and rafting at its peak during the rainy season from September to November

Get there—Fly into San Juan Airport (SJO), transfer to the town of Cartago, and then it’s about an hour-long rafting adventure. Land transport is available.

Rafiki Safari Lodge, Puntarenas–A safari-tented heaven, 1- hour from Manuel Antonio National Park

Rafiki Glamping Lodge
The Rafiki Glamping Lodge is like living in a Nat Geo episode

Experience a glamping adventure, set in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where there are enough jungle safaris and other activities to keep you busy for a week. But, if you just don’t feel like it one day? There’s a massage at base camp, waiting for you.

Price Range—$175-$250 per night

Vacation Goals—Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve & Wildlife Refuge, renowed for its  rainforests, beaches, and coral reefs, abundant wildlife, so keep an eye out for monkeys, sloths, and various bird species! Spend a relaxing day at one of the park’s beautiful beaches, such as Playa Manuel Antonio or Playa Espadilla. Swim, sunbathe, and dive into water activities like snorkeling or kayaking. Don’t leave without a visit to some the park’s various hiking trails, leading to picturesque waterfalls and stunning viewpoints.

Glamping situation—The basic safari-style tents are set up on wooden platforms. Your private porch overlooks the forest with rocking chairs and a coffee table.

Star Factor—There are level II and III rapids right in front of the hotel. If you feel like switching the leafy scenery for the sand, they have a beachfront B&B about 45-minutes away, you can visit.

Food—Breakfast is included. Meals are served in an open air dining room with sunset views.

Green—They have initiatives for creating a sustainable economy and protecting the environment, including efforts to increase the tapir population.

Glamping Season—December to April is peak season, prices drop starting in May

Get there—It’s a 3-hour scenic drive from San Juan Airport (SJO).
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Bucket List Goals—Sustainable Glamping in Costa Rica, Go Now!

A toucan in Costa Rica
Glamping in Costa Rica is wild!

These glamping camps let you convene with nature, all while focusing on your overall experience. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a group looking to bond over unique experiences, Costa Rica’s sustainable glamping sites have options that fit every preference and budget.

Each glamping tent, dome, or villa highlighted here offers more than a great place to crash. They offer an experience that values both the environment and the quality of your journey. So, book your journey, pack your bags, and get ready to explore the blend of luxury,  sustainability, and Pura Vida, that only Costa Rica can offer.

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