9 Best Travel Tech Products Under $100 For Your Next Trip

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As a frequent traveler, I use plenty of tech products on my trips — and they go beyond this MacBook Pro to write all Travelbinger content. Since I’m constantly on the road, it’s important I have reliable gadgets and gear, including headphones and battery packs. Thankfully, we live in an era where tech products are at a peak, and I rounded up 9 best travel tech products under $100.

Technology had a boom since I started traveling for work in 2004, and since, I’ve experienced the remarkable tech evolution. MacBooks are lighter, earbuds come wireless, WIFI is stronger and you can book almost everything through your Smartphone (Samsung’s killing it these days). It’s why I put together a round up of the best tech travel products for your next trip.

U.S consumers spent $401 billion on tech products, according to a January report by Consumer Technology Association, but you don’t have to splurge on electronics as long as you know you’re investing in top-notch gear. 

Here are the 9 best tech travel products under $100 I highly recommend, whether you use them for yourself or gift them for the holidays. They excel in terms of quality, durability and innovation — and they’re all affordable.

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9 best travel tech products under $100

1. Ekster Smart Wallet

I currently use Ekster wallet.

I use the Ekster Parliament Wallet because it’s compact, convenient and crazy affordable. The leather bi-fold comes with a solar-powered tracker using Bluetooth technology so you can always know where your wallet is if you misplace it (and I’ve misplaced it twice now, so it definitely comes in handy!). The linked Chipolo app on iPhone or Android makes the wallet sound an audible ring with the built-in ringer.

Another notable function is the “quick card access mechanism.” A button on the bottom of the wallet releases your cards at the top of the wallet for easy access and removal (versus trying to pinch jammed cards out of a wallet sleeve with your fingers, which always annoyed me).

Ekster Parliament Wallet holds up to 10 cards and also has an elastic band on the sleeve that can fit bills or business cards.

Price: $69

Buy on Amazon: Ekster Parliament 18

2. Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves

Wearing Mujjo Touchscreen gloves in NYC.

Seeing that I’m constantly on my phone and travel to cold places (not to mention I live in NYC, where the winters are freezing), it’s important for me to have touchscreen gloves.

I’ve gone through many pairs of touchscreen gloves that do not work. They’ve kept my hands warm, but they never seem to let me actively tap away on my phone, so I was excited to finally find a pair that does work.

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves are lined with a layer of polar fleece to improve insulation, and they have excellent responsiveness to Smartphone screens. They look great, keep my hands warm and, most importantly, allow you to play on your phone without having to take off your gloves.

I loved these so much, I got in touch with the company, who offered me a discount code for my readers. Another fun story: the company is based in a town in Holland that’s literally a few miles from where I studied abroad in a castle. Small world!

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves

Price: $46

Buy at Mujjo (Use Travelbinger’s code TBMujjo15 for 15 percent off!)

3. Nomad wireless hub

Nomad Wireless Hub

I covered tech when I worked on staff at CNBC, and one of my favorite brands I discovered while working there was Nomad.

Nomad gear is well made, well designed and the quality is among the best I’ve seen, whether it’s iPhone cases, portable powerpacks to charge your phone or universal cables.

Nomad Wirless Hub

Nomad wireless hub is essential for frequent travelers, and I take it everywhere with me. It’s capable of charging 5 devices at once, including charging your phone wirelessly.

Why is this important? Most devices are now connected via USB, and you can’t always rely on a hotel or AirBnb to have USB plug-ins. Honestly, gone are the days when you struggle to find power outlets in a hotel room; it’s all about looking for USB plug-ins.

When I travel with the wireless hub, it charges my phone, my wireless earbuds(I have two different pairs), my laptop and my iPad. I use it at home too. It’s definitely one of the best tech travel products.

Price: $79.95

Buy Nomad Wireless Hub at Amazon

4. Pow Mo portable speaker

Pow Mo speaker.

The Pow Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker is designed to fit in your pocket and has benefits besides easy portability, including magnet design (so you can attach it to your fridge), and it comes with a mount that attaches to your smartphone. It’s also expandable, which improves overall frequency for better sound when it’s expanded.

I used it on a recent trip to Connecticut with friends, and the audio quality definitely exceeded our expectations.

The speaker (played via Bluetooth) has up to 8 hours of playtime with one charge, is water resistant and is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Price: $59.99

Buy Pow Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker at Amazon

5. Meater wireless meat thermometer


Meater wireless meat thermometer works in tandem with an app on your smartphone. The app tracks up to four separate Meater thermometers that are stainless steel, and it has a range from 33 to 165 feet, so you can still check the temperature of your food while you’re steps away.

It is *perfect* for camping trips. In fact, it’s great if you’re cooking in the dark and can’t really tell the cook on meats like chicken.

The thermometer has sensors that monitor the temperature. You can set temperature alerts through the app. Meater can also be used for grilling, oven cooking and steaming.

Price: $69.99

Buy Meater wireless meat thermometer at Amazon

6. Keysmart key holder with USB flash drive

The Keysmart Pro keyholder with Smart Location has many functions. It holds and stacks up to 10 keys for better organization and has a built-in LED flashlight and bottle opener. You can also link it to Tile app to locate your keys on a map, which is the cool “tech” aspect. With a touch of a button on the app, your keys will ring and, likewise, you can press a button on your Keysmart Pro that will make your cell phone ring.

The Keysmart Pro has a charge for 45 days, and there is a battery light indicator to let you know when you need to charge soon. You can also have a 16 GB USB 3.0 flash drive built into the keyholder for $25 when ordering.

I loved this key holder, and if I didn’t accidentally throw away my keys in October, I would still have them! Hopefully I’ll get around to getting another one soon.

Price: $49.99 (+ $25 for USB flash drive add-on)

Buy Keysmart Pro with Tile Smart Location at Amazon

7. Tangram Smart Jump Rope

Smart jump rope.

Exercise is good for mental and physical health and helps combat stress at work. Tangram Factory Smart Jump Rope is *amazing* for people who want to get cardio in while they travel, and it can be used to help the user track their jumps without having to keep count mentally.

As you swing the jump rope, your jumps are counted (via magnetic sensors), showing the count number in real time with a LED display appearing mid air, right in front of you. You can also connect it to an app via Bluetooth to monitor calories burned and time elapsed. The charge on the rope lasts for 36 hours and can be charged via USB.

I absolutely love this jump rope. Some times I’m so crunched for time, I can’t get to the gym, so this comes in handy. This is a portable exercise equipment you can take with you anywhere, or offer it as a gift for a friend who is into fitness. I consider it one of the best tech travel products.

Price: $59.95

Buy Tangram Factory Smart Jump Rope at Amazon

8. Benjilock fingerprint padlock


This Kevin O’Leary-approved fingerprint padlock that appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in 2017 uses your fingerprint to unlock it. It has come in handy for me when I travel with luggage, and it looks good! It can store up to 10 fingerprints and has a charge lasting up to six to nine months with a rechargeable battery (and also a key lock if you don’t want to use a fingerprint).

The BenjiLock by Hampton Fingerprint Padlock also has built-in LED light indicator that serves as a prompt when the battery is getting low, and it will flash blue when it’s scanning your fingerprint.

The lock can be used when you go to a beach or pool and need to lock up your bag, or a public place that has lockers, like an amusement park. It’s one of the best tech travel products to gift.

Price: $69.99

Buy BenjiLock at Amazon

9. Ottlight Command LED Desk Lamp (*BONUS)

Ottlight Command LED Desk Smart Lamp isn’t something you’d travel with, but I have it at home and love it. I wanted to include it because it makes great gifts for travelers who want to come home to awesomeness.

It has five brightness settings and three color temperature modes using ClearSun LED illumination, which reduces eyestrain up to 51%, according to the company, and the light is designed to be made “close to the spectral output of the sun.” Founder John Ott engineered the light to reduce glare and eyestrain, so it’s basically like having natural light inside your apartment or house.

The lamp can be paired with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so you can command it to turn on or off or change brightness level with voice assist, and you can also do this with touch controls on the lamp.

The lamp has an adjustable height and also has a USB port so you can charge your phone. I keep it next to my iMac!

Price: $79.99

Buy: Ottlight Command LED Desk Lamp with Voice Assist

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