This $1,150 Coffee Table Book Is All About Airlines — Take A Look

Airline Visual Identity 1945 - 1975

Books can be worth millions, like a copy of Birds of America that sold for $11.5 million in 2010. Book collectors know that rare and limited-edition copies have value, and they can now add a new aviation-themed coffee table book to their collection with Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975, a rare coffee table book that costs $1,150.

Published by Callisto Publishers and author M.C. Huhne, Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975 reconstructs the visual language of thirteen pioneering airlines at different points in time.

Airline Visual Identity 1945 - 1975

The visual identity of airlines was the most complex of all industries in this era, according to Callisto Publishers, made up of hundreds of items for each carrier, ranging from timetables and print advertisements to aircraft interiors and liveries of the aircraft themselves.

In this 436-page coffee table book, a series of case studies analyzes the most important design developments for each airline and the strategies behind them, accompanied by carefully curated work of famed designers and advertising icons. The reader is taken back in time to witness the glamorous days of the airline industry.

The book provides unique insight into the design and advertising methods of an era when airlines were considered the most esteemed business sector and quality was the main criterion for selecting a flight.

Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975 features designs conceived by Massimo Vignelli, Otl Aicher, Academy Award winner Saul Bass, and Ivan Chermayeff of Mary Wells Lawrence. The designs found in the book illustrate the shift from traditional methods of corporate design and advertising to comprehensive modern branding programs.

All original works of art are reproduced as precisely as possible with a total of seventeen different colors, five different types of varnishes, and two different methods of foil printing and embossing used.

Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975 is 12.2 X 16.1 inches and retails for $1,150.

Want the cheaper version? It’s only $50 on Amazon.

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