All Zodiac Signs: Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope Reading For October 17-23

October 17-23 will be a wild week for all Zodiac signs! Not only are we still feeling the blaze of the powerful full moon in Aries on October 9, we’re prepping for that intense solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25! Also, Jupiter goes back into Pisces and Mars goes retrograde later this month, so it’s time to get sorted. Needless to say, expect a pivotal week of change. Check out your October 17-23 2022 weekly tarot horoscope reading forecast for all Zodiac signs done by our resident tarot reader, The Tarot Ship.

The Tarot Ship

The Tarot Ship offers full free tarot horoscope readings for all 12 Zodiac signs. Unlike a general weekly horoscope or tarot reading, he combines tarot, astrology and his guides and sharp intuition to get more specific and offer more clarity in a Celtic Cross spread, meaning he gets a lot more specific than a general reading. In fact, with his readings, you feel that you are getting a personal reading rather than a general reading for your sign.

Be sure to also check out your full October 2022 forecasts as well to get the full picture.

The Astronomy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained (I love this book. Surprisingly affordable for a coffee table book).

Scroll down to see your October 17-23 2022 weekly tarot horoscope reading for all signs!

He’s also known for his celebrity tarot readings. All his predictions have come true (ie: Johnny Depp winning the trial; Pete Davidson announcing he’s leaving SNL; Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl; and more).

Since the future is so bright, and it is SO hot in this heatwave, you gotta wear shades. Bloomingdale’s has the best selection at various prices!

All signs: Weekly tarot horoscope reading for October 17-23 2022

Aries – Complexities lead to victory as long as you surrender what doesn’t serve you well!

TAURUS – You are on the brink of major, major, major change! Are you ready? 


GEMINI– If you’ve been waiting for stars to align for you, you’ll be happy with this week.

 CANCER – The most major arcana you’ve pulled. Expect EPIC change with partnerships and relationships, old and new!

 LEO – You’re writing the first chapter of the novel of your new life journey! Major abundance!

VIRGO – Heal this week. You need it for this major next phase!

 LIBRA– Things are moving FAST for you. Finally! The abundance is next level.

 SCORPIO – You should be proud of yourself this week! Week of earned abundance and new opportunities! 


Sagittarius – You are on to something HUGE, perhaps the BIGGEST new journey you’ve had.

 CAPRICORN – Hands down, YOUR BEST READING SO FAR. Money, Success, Milestone On Its Way!

 AQUARIUS – You are getting ALL your power back. – and more (abundance)!


PISCES – Open your heart and heal the mind. Milestone to come.

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All Zodiac Signs: October 2022 Tarot Horoscope Forecasts

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