All Zodiac Signs: Your Weekly Tarot Reading For July 18 – 25

July 18-25 will have an impact for all zodiac signs! We just experienced a full moon in Capricorn, and there are a few oppositions with Pluto this week, so check out your weekly tarot reading to see how this may have an effect on you. Check out your weekly tarot reading forecast for next week, July 18 -25, for all Zodiac signs done by our resident tarot reader, The Tarot Ship.

The Tarot Ship, offers full free readings for all 12 Zodiac signs. What makes his readings unique is that, unlike a general horoscope or tarot reading, he uses tarot, astrology and his guides to get more specific and offer more clarity in a Celtic Cross spread, meaning he gets a lot more specific than either a July horoscope reading or a tarot reading combined.

He’s also known for his celebrity tarot readings. All his predictions have come true (ie: Johnny Depp winning the trial; Pete Davidson announcing he’s leaving SNL; etc).

Since the week will have a lot of action, there’s a lot to explore in your life. Also, the future will be so bright, you gotta wear shades. Bloomingdale’s has the best selection at various prices!

If you want to see astrological aspects that have already affected you, be sure to check out your tarot horoscope reading for July!

Your July 2022 Horoscopes Are Here – And It’s A Game-Changing Month

Here’s a preview for all 12 signs for next week:

Aries – Happiness may be an illusion right now — ask yourself if you really have it! Final outcome? MONEY. Keep it real. 

I got emotional with your reading. 

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??


Taurus – emotional stability will come once you address an issue with partner (love and work). 


Gemini. Your biggest money reading so far this year. 



Cancer. Emotional fulfillment. You got the two best cups cards. You’re blessed this week so stop worrying. 

Best reading you’ve ever had? 

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??


Leo. Happy birthday! And buckle up! Huge change this week with gift and luck coming through!

You pulled all the cards with lions in them. So rare!

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??


Virgo – You may run into challenges this week, but once you get out of your head, you’ll find the promised land. 

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??


Libra- Embrace upcoming new opportunities — and your legacy will begin. 

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??


Scorpio – financial abundance will arrive this week! Get out of your head (emotional!)

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??


Sag – Your new journey with love, career and family starts NOW. 

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ?? 


Capricorn – You’re moving toward your destiny- and buildng your legacy!

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??


Aquarius, do you even know what you want right now? Ask yourself this week. The universe is listening.

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??


Pisces, raise your head high. The universe will help with finances and guidance. 

Check out your weekly tarot reading for July 18-24 ??

Some of The Tarot Ship’s favorite things!

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