And the best view of the Vegas Strip is at…

Las Vegas

Behold. The money shot of The Vegas Strip.


There are plenty of places you can take in unforgettable views of the strip, like Mandarin Oriental, High Roller, Foundation Room, a private jet.

But GhostBar really nails it. Crowning the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort’s Ivory Tower, GhostBar is off the strip with direct views of the Vegas Strip.

Unlike the other spots I mentioned, this swank outdoor bar offers the entire scope. “Staggering view” is an understatement.┬áStanding up here, you feel like a boss and you can’t help but look at the strip and think: “I built this.” When a view makes you feel badass like this, you know it’s worth the visit.


Word on the street is that Palms has new ownership and is going through a multimillion-dollar renovation to be unveiled next year. You know it’s going to be over the top (hopefully,┬ázipline-to-the-strip level), and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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