Brooklinen Sheets Review: Luxury Bedding Worth Returning Home To

Brooklinen pillow cases

As people worked from home during the pandemic, they’ve been upgrading their living spaces. At least I know I have. I spent time and thought on what would better my situation — and I didn’t skip the bedroom, especially since I love working on my laptop in bed. I spent a lot of time looking to upgrade my bedding, and I came across Brooklinen. It’s probably my favorite splurge since Covid-19. Here’s my review of Brooklinen luxury sheets.

Brooklinen sheets

First, I should say I do not get paid to write about Brooklinen. They are not an affiliate, though I did see you can buy Brooklinen luxury sheets on Amazon. Here’s a link.

After reviewing many companies that offer luxury bedding, I decided to opt for Brooklinen. Funny that the company is based literally 6 blocks from me here in Brooklyn, but I ordered a sheet set, duvet cover, and bathmat through its website. I guess Brooklinen’s factory is on the west coast, so I had to wait almost a week for delivery when I could have walked 4 minutes to the store and receive my order in less than 10 minutes haha. I learned my lesson.


Brooklinen is all about quality at an affordable price. I can’t even compare Brooklinen sheets to the other bedding companies I’ve bought from; Brooklinen simply exceeded my expectations. The quality is extremely high, as if the bedding was made by angels. The design is timeless and classic, and the sheets look good for any season. My dog, Jetsetruby, loves curling up on the duvet comforter.

Brooklinen sheets

While there are different sheet sets, some more expensive and higher quality than others. I went with the Classic Core Sheet set, the most basic set, and the quality was still through the roof. I love the feel of it. There’s a soft and cool texture of the fabric that just feels rich.

The Classic Core Sheet set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases. I have a queen bed, and they all fit snugly. I got the graphite and steel oxford stripe to change things up (my other sheets are solid). Damn, I’m really happy with the stripes.

Brooklinen classic sheets

Brooklinen classic core sheets are cool and crisp with 270 thread count. They’re advertised as keeping you cool all night long, and I am a testament to how true this is. I do get hot in bed, and sometimes have to kick the sheet off, but this was not the case with these sheets. It really did feel like I was sleeping in a 5-star hotel, like Four Seasons.

Here’s an extreme close-up.

Brooklinen classic core

The price for a classic core set is extremely reasonable at $109, but the price adjusts according to your bed size.

I also bought the classic duvet cover in Terracotta Oxford Stripe. It feels insane. Like it’s not too rich in texture, but just the right balance of essential and splurge. It’s also not heavy at all.

Brooklinen duvet cover

Of course I had to get the Prospect Tee (sage color). My friend and I were having a debate on what company made the softest men’s T-shirt. Now, that debate is settled (he bought a Brooklinen Prospect Tee as well). For only $28, this is an insane steal.

Brooklinen soft t-shirt

I also got the Laundress Signature detergent for $22. I do laundry pick-up, and I asked the laundromat to use this (instead of Tide). Man, it is an upgrade. My laundry feels great and smells amazing.

Laundress Brooklinen

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom, definitely explore Brooklinen sheets. Here’s a link that will take you to their products. Of course, you can click the Amazon link below too.

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