Cozy Earth Pajamas Review : Are They Really Better Than Brooklinen?

Like many people spending a great deal of time at home, I’ve been purchasing more clothing that’s comfortable since I work at home, and of course, I’ve been upgrading my living space. I’ve somehow become obsessed with comfort, especially when going to bed. Usually, I wear sweatpants and a T-shirt, but I have been introduced to a whole new world of utterly, buttery soft pajamas. I’ve become a huge fan of Brooklinen, but then I came across Cozy Earth. Cozy Earth Pajamas may just take the cake for most comfortable pajamas ever.

Cozy Earth Pajamas Review

Cozy Earth pajamas review

Cozy Earth is a luxury lifestyle brand known mostly for its breathable bedding. While I recently got Brooklinen luxury sheets, which are quite affordable, I also splurged on bedding with Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets — and then saw its loungewear, made with bamboo sourced from USDA certified organic farms.

Cozy Earth has been around for years. The founder’s (Tyler Howells) eco-conscious business approach is quite unique. His Mandarin fluency and background in overseas production fueled his decision for a transparent, direct-source supply chain model. Ever since the brand’s inception, he’s been traveling to China to source bamboo and silk directly from USDA-certified organic farms, all while building close relationships with his extended team who he credits with the incredible craftsmanship of Cozy Earth’s proprietary weave. I love the backstory here, and I love supporting these smaller brands.

Cozy Earth launched brand new colors in the pajamas that everyone knows and loves— including Oprah! Lilac and Powder Blue officially launched in February, and they’re amazing. This classic set has been an all-time favorite since its original launch, and I’ve become such a fan, I had to do a Cozy Earth pajamas review.

Pajamas are for both men and women.

Cozy Earth pajamas are incredibly soft, as if you’re sleeping in a cloud. You actually feel like you’re wrapped in nature, thanks to the ultra soft brushed fabric, which is 62% Viscose from Bamboo, 28% Acrylic, 10% Spandex.

The enhanced weave prevents pilling and helps our products last longer, and breathable and moisture-wicking fabric feels degrees cooler than cotton. 

Are Cozy Earth pajamas better than Brooklinen? Considering I wear Brooklinen pajamas as backup (and they are still very very great), Cozy Earth edges a little higher thanks to its softness, and how the materials simply kiss your skin.

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