Discover the Charm of Seymour Winery with Sam’s Finest Vintage Wines

Seymour, located in Victoria, Australia, is a hidden gem that has gained recognition for wines connoisseurs looking for distinctive and exquisite flavours. With some of the best vintages produced by boutique wineries, this lovely town is home to a flourishing wine industry.

Wine by Sam, an excellent Seymour winery, is located in the centre of this small town. Sam Plunkett owns it and, along with his wife, Bron Dunwoodie, runs this retro-style Cellar Door.

Producing award-winning wines in Seymour for over 25 years, Sam Plunket is also known for his Cellar Door, which opened in 2017. With about 8 hectares of his own vines and another 53 hectares of land from his father, Alan Plunkett, Sam grew vines.

Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Savagnin, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Shiraz, and Lagrein are just a few of the vine varieties that the winemaker grows at elevations between 450 and 500 metres above sea level in the nearby Strathbogie Ranges.

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What Is Unique About Seymour Boutique Wines?

The term “boutique wines”, which refers to wines produced on a small scale with a heavy emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, has become extremely popular in recent years. Unlike boutique wineries, which focus on retaining a personal touch and a dedication to excellence in each bottle, large wineries generally make wines in huge quantities.

Know More About Seymour, Victoria for Seymour Winery

Seymour is ideally located to have an environment perfect for growing grapes because of its abundant fertile soil and varied climate. The warm days and mild nights, as well as the surrounding mountains, form a symbiotic relationship that encourages the development of superior varieties of grapes. All these make Seymour a flourishing centre for boutique wineries, drawing international and domestic customers.

Craftsmanship in Winemaking

Seymour’s boutique wineries take great satisfaction in their artisanal method of winemaking. From the vineyard to the cellar, every step is carried out with care. Boutique wines are made to highlight the distinctive qualities of each variety of grape and vineyard, in contrast to wines produced in large quantities, giving a higher priority to uniformity.

Whether you are a tourist or a wine enthusiast, you will enjoy a trip to Seymour. Visitors can experience the best products from regional vineyards, like Wine by Sam, in any of the numerous tasting rooms and cellar doors in the region. You can talk to vineyard owners and winemakers to gain useful insights into the commitment and passion that go into making boutique wines in Australia.

You can savour the best boutique wines in Seymour by paying a visit to artisan winemaker Wine by Sam. Visitors have the option of relaxing in the modern and pleasant Cellar Door or entering the Main Cellar to watch the winemaking process when it comes to Seymour winery.

Moving a few pieces of winemaking equipment to the site, Wine by Sam renovated the structure in 2016–17, where much of it required custom fabrication. The Cellar Door is made of timber sourced from Sam’s family farm and other materials by skilled craftsmen.

Further, you can also take part in a delightful tour, wherein you get to taste different types of wines and learn more about Sam Plunkett’s distinctive urban vineyard in Seymour, Victoria. Savouring these great boutique wines with a selection of artisan coffee, charcuterie, cheese, and local vegetables is pleasing to the palate.

Moreover, you can enjoy an attractive 5% discount on the wines you choose to take home. Those who hold a MasterCard can avail themselves of great discounts, giving this unique wine experience even more value.

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