Disney Experts Guide You to the Perfect 2024 Vacation With Low Crowds

The front gates of the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Disney operates seven of the top 10 theme parks worldwide, according to the 2022 TEA/AECOM Theme Index Report. In 2022, Magic Kingdom alone welcomed 17 million visitors.

A visit to the “happiest place on earth” can mean a visit to one of the most crowded theme parks on Earth — hours wasted in long lines and the stress of navigating large crowds.

Fortunately, the experts at MagicGuides discovered the path to a dream Disney vacation with a guide that promises to minimize wait times and maximize joy.

When Does Disney World Host the Lowest Crowds?

The amount of crowds you’re able to handle is unique to you. While fall is a busy time for Disney World, after Labor Day, the resort empties. Crowds thin out after Disney’s fall offerings, including Halloween events that make late October a busy month to visit the resort.

Plus, according to Travel + Leisure, any time in winter — outside of Christmas and New Year’s — tends to be rather quiet.

MagicGuides reports that the park is least crowded on Jan. 2, just before Presidents Day, which takes place on the third Monday in February.

The stretch between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is another time to visit the park while avoiding crowds, as is the week following Thanksgiving until the week before Christmas.

When Is Walt Disney World the Busiest?

Crowds are heaviest in the summer. Around this time of year, the weather tends to be hot and humid, especially during August. Because of the holidays, November and December are also busy times for Walt Disney World.

For example, many Disney World restaurants serve Thanksgiving-style meals during Thanksgiving — these spots fill quickly, so you have to make reservations early. Magic Kingdom also hosts various holiday events in December, including Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

You can expect the highest attendance around Presidents Day week, mid-March through late April for spring break, Memorial Day weekend, mid-June through Labor Day, Thanksgiving week, and Christmas week through Jan. 1.

Weekends are, of course, more crowded than weekdays. During the week, Mondays and Fridays are more congested than Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

When Does Disney World Offer the Best Weather?

Like crowds, the “best” weather depends on personal preference. However, as stated earlier, August is Orlando’s hottest month, whereas January is the coldest, with temperatures dropping as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This limits some activities but gives you more time and space at Disney’s parks — you might even have time to look for things to do in Florida outside of Disney World or use downtime to increase productivity on that hobby or project that’s been on your mind.

Where June offers the most sunshine, July is Orlando’s wettest month, bringing summer thunderstorms. In the fall, the weather is most “fall-like” in the mornings, with daytime temperatures reaching 80 degrees.

Similarly, you can experience mild winter weather between January and March, avoiding Florida’s summer afternoon thunderstorms.

When Is Disney World Most Affordable?

Due to their variable pricing model, slower times of the year are also the cheapest times to visit Walt Disney World. Weather also plays a role. Colder times and hurricane season are the most affordable, but the resort is expensive any time children are not in school.

The most affordable times to visit Disney World, according to Motley Fool’s The Ascent, are in January through February before Presidents Day weekend, May until Memorial Day weekend, and the second half of August.

In fall, all of September, aside from Labor Day weekend, and October are excellent times to save on hotel and travel costs — as well as the weeks between Thanksgiving and winter breaks.

When Is the Best Time To Visit Disney World?

According to MagicGuides’ crowds-to-weather ratio, the best times to visit Magic Kingdom are between October 26 and 31, as well as November first.

The best times to visit EPCOT are between October 24 and November 2, and the best times to visit Hollywood Studios are between October 24 and November first.

And finally, the best times to visit Animal Kingdom, according to MagicGuides, are October 23 through November eighth.

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