Expert Review: Pamu Quiet Noise Canceling Earbuds (September 2020)

Pamu Quiet Bluetooth Earbuds

I’m a big fan of headphones, and if you read my story on the best wireless headphones for 2020, you’ll know I love Pamu Slide. The in-ear True Wireless headphones has excellent sound quality for audio and phone calls, and the brand new Pamu Quiet Noise Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds take headphones one step closer to perfection. Here’s my review.

First, Pamu Quiet Noise Canceling Earbuds is the world’s first dual chip ANC (active noise canceling) earbuds, meaning the earbuds have active noise canceling that is customizable via app and can be controlled in both earbuds that each have its own “brain.” I love the Bluetooth aspect, and as most people know, Bluetooth really is the standard of earbuds these days.

Pamu Quiet Noise Canceling
Pamu Quiet Noise Canceling Earbuds.

Also, these earbuds are only $89. It is nearly impossible to find this type of next-generation tech on normal TWS earphones with active noise canceling for less than $150 anywhere. Honestly, this is the best and most affordable brand.

Pamu Quiet Noise Canceling Earbuds fit snug and comfortably and they feel even more cozy than the True Wireless earbuds that I had bought last year. They can play up to 3.5 hours, reduce noise up to 40dB and have a cool little carry case charger (that reminds me of one of those old fashion time pieces with a cover). I like to wear these earbuds when I’m working at home. I leave my windows open for fresh air, and here in Brooklyn, there has been construction literally on every corner of my block. Pamu Quiet blocks out all the noise. I imagine these earbuds would be great if you have a lot of people living in your home. 

Obviously, you don’t have to wear these earbuds at home. I took them for a stroll many times walking my dog or going out with friends. They do truly block out NYC noise, from cars and motorcycles to construction to dogs barking at the park. 

I love how Pamu Quiet Noise Canceling Earbuds do exactly what the Pamu Slide offers: Pamu Quiet is touch sensitive (you can click through tracks, etc, with taps on the actual earbud) and answer calls. It also plays your Spotify playlist as soon as you put them in your ear. I tested them out with phone calls, and they are crystal clear. Honestly, Padmate puts out great products, so I wasn’t surprised.

The only feature I wish these earbuds had was its own volume control. I felt that the volume control Pamu Slide offered outside my Smartphone’s volume really amped up the music, but these earbuds are pretty loud, and there’s no question the volume is clear and great and powerful. In other words, the quality at max volume is pretty super.

As I mentioned, Pamu Quiet Noise Canceling Earbuds is only $89. For a high-quality set of earbuds under $100, this is an insane price. I’ve tried AirPods Pro, and Pamu Quiet is definitely a better option. There’s no comparison actually. Pamu Quiet weigh less (5.1 g vs AirPods 5.4), have AMS, a better quality chipset and deep bass options.

Buy Pamu Quiet Earbuds here. 

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