Faena Miami Beach Review: This Hotel Is EVERYTHING (and views are insane)

Faena Miami Beach
The grand, stately Faena lobby with JetsetRuby .

The grand, stately Faena Miami Beach review can only kick off in the lobby with JetsetRuby.?

Since Faena Miami Beach opened in 2016, it’s become not only one of the most luxurious hotels in Florida, it’s become iconic. The design, the aesthetic, the location, the art, the back-bending service and the excellent food scene has helped it leave a mark… because that’s what Faena Miami Beach is considered now: a landmark.

I have been meaning to check in to Faena Miami Beach to review it, and I recently had the pleasure to complete indulge and luxuriate in its fine quarters. The hotel has quickly become one of the most Instagrammed places in Miami, and of course, it’s now iconic. I will most certainly write a full, longer and more detailed Faena Miami Beach review, but I wanted to give a real quick overview of what’s to come.

My ocean-view room was glamorous with stylish furnishings and intuitive design, as well as colorful rugs and pops of red that really brought it to life. It felt like a fashion exhibit. The view of Miami Beach from my balcony was equally commanding. Also, you’ll notice Faena Miami Beach is incredibly pet-friendly. I brought along JetSetRuby (follow her on Instagram!), and the staff here are pure dog lovers and treated my pet like a queen.

Ocean-view room at Faena.

Ocean-view room at Faena.

If you’re not staying on property, you can still visit the fine-dining Pau restaurant, the gorgeous spa (with the largest hammam in Florida) or the larger-than-life, Damian Hirst wooly mammoth art sculpture in the outdoor deck. For my Faena Miami Beach review, I’ll really get into why its here and why everyone stops to take photos. It’s truly one of a kind.

The spa lobby at Faena Miami.

The spa lobby at Faena Miami.

Love being here!! Everything is excellent, from the beautiful color scheme to the softly swaying palms and beachfront location.

The pool at Faena Miami Beach.

The pool at Faena Miami Beach is unbeatable. It’s one of those pools that’s not completely overcrowded by spring breakers or rowdy tourists, which I’m totally fine with, but here, there’s a high level of class. Of course, we’ll explore this in my Faena Miami Beach review.

The view from my ocean-view room.

The view from my ocean-view room.

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