Famed Susan King Intuitive On Why Intuition Is Key To Life

Susan King Intuitive

I met Susan King in 2019, and she has since had an impact on how I see myself — and the world around me. Susan King of Susan King Intuitive is one of the world’s most renowned intuitive counselors, coach, holistic practitioner and psychic, and one of the most wonderful and genuine people I am grateful to know. Not only is she an experienced meditation teacher (qualified by the British School of Meditation), she is one of the most accurate intuitives I have come across.

Susan King is recognized globally earning her multiple celebrity endorsements from people such as Oprah Winfrey and celebrity fashion designer Donna Karan, a client of over 10 years, who says, “ I often rely on the guidance of motivational speakers, life coaches and healers to help me work and live efficiently. Sometimes that means thinking outside of the box and using modern methods to find the balance in such a busy life.”

Susan King Intuitive
Susan King Intuitive

If you’ve checked into a luxury, 5-star resort, such as Four Seasons, Hotel Bel Air, or Como Hotels & Resorts, you’ve probably seen her or received a one-on-one session with her. She’s highly sought after, and we had the chance to sit with her to tell readers why intuition is important. You can also catch her live with The Tarot Ship with Jimmy, a rare live session with Susan King.

Susan King Intuitive On Why Intuition Is Key To Life

Why do you need intuition in your life?
Utilizing intuition is essential because it taps into your subconscious understanding and experiences, offering insights that rational thinking you might overlook. It’s a powerful tool for quick decision-making, creative problem-solving, and navigating uncertain situations. By incorporating intuition alongside logic, you can make more holistic and well-informed choices, leading to better outcomes and a deeper understanding of your own needs and surroundings.
Become more aware of it, have fun with it! Its a whole new world.
How do we know what intuition really is?
It is an instinctive sense that what your feeling is right, you know without knowing. It is not part of your rational thoughts/thinking. Its your own magnet that will guide you in the direction most beneficial for your path.
Why does believing in my intuition help me?
It is key way to build confidence in yourself, being more aware helps with decision making, help you 
avoid pitfalls in relationships. Intuition gives you insight if someone is genuine. For example, face to face or on phone, how are you feeling when you finished talking with this person? Pay attention. You will have clarity, which will make you feel empowered in control. 
You need an umbrella in thunderstorm. A walking stick with bad leg. Intuition in making decisions. 
How do I know I have intuition? 
You know you have intuition because you feel, sense, things around you. There is an inkling about a decision you just made, you don’t know why but you feel to go left instead of right. Your gut told you so, that feeling in the pit of your stomach. How many times have you gone against what you feel only to find you have made a mistake. 
You feel an itch, a physical sensation, similarly you radiate feelings in the pit of your stomach
a sensation, its intuition. You feel uncomfortable walking in street, looking over your shoulder, Intuition.
If you’re not aware you have intuition, you need to create awareness within. ( tune into Susan’s live session with The Tarot Ship w/ Jimmy for more)
Can I develop my intuition?
Yes!!!! You absolutely can, it’s in the part of your essence. Think of a tennis player. The more you practice you better your game. Same as a golfer or public speaker. Most tasks that you undertake will improve with dedicated work. Your intuition is exactly the same. You can strengthen intuition every day. It all starts with being aware, small simple exercises to begin will help. Take a small note book and write down things you sense, no matter how small, refer back to it, be aware of your answers and how they have worked. This is true confidence building as well, and you’ll have all the tools you need to navigate your path in life.
Where do I go wrong with my intuition? How do I know I’m doing it right? 
It’s quite simple: you may be overthinking everything. You do not take the time to be in the present moment to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, so try not to overthink it. If you feel like you’re playing tennis with your thoughts — is it or isn’t it? Would I or should I? — you should re-center and trust your gut. Don’t expect someone to do or have the same view as you, as well. Be your authentic self. Listen to that warm feeling in pit your stomach.
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