Flight Review: Delta First Class On 757-200 (NYC-JFK To San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Delta One on 757-200

Delta typically flies the 737 from New York City to San Juan, Puerto Rico, so I couldn’t believe it when I saw the 757-200 offered from New York City – JFK to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Delta Air Lines’ Boeing 757-200 typically services long-distance, international flights, meaning: Delta One lie-flat first class seats! Here’s my review of Delta First Class aboard the 757-200 from NYC – JFK to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

How to book Delta One on the 757-200

First, I should mention that Delta’s 757-200 being offered from NYC to Puerto Rico is only seasonal and for a limited time. After a thorough search today (November 28, 2021), I did not see the 757 being offered on any future flights after January 2022. This obviously may change depending on demand and possible lockdowns in international destinations Delta typically flies the 757-200 to, so definitely take advantage while you can.

How can you book the Delta One 757-200 first class seat? When you’re searching airfare, be sure to click “details” in the flight options. It will show you what plane is being used for that flight, so look for the Delta 757-200. When I booked my flight, there was *no fare difference* between a 737 and 757-200, meaning you get the extra perk of lie-flat seats, bigger TV screens and more room without a cost difference.

If you’re going to use your Delta miles to upgrade, this is the flight that’s worth it.

Delta Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport 

Delta Terminal 4 / JFK
Delta Terminal 4 / JFK

I love Delta Terminal 4 at JFK, but ensure plenty of time to get to the gate. If you’re a fast walker like me, it will take you 10 minutes or so to reach the gate! Even with the moving pedestrian walkway, it was a good 10 minutes from the security point. This is because the gate to San Juan, Puerto Rico, is all the way at the end of the terminal. From TSA checkpoint, you have to go downstairs, all the way through the shops and food, then hang left to walk all the way down the wing. If you’re a slow walker, allot about 20 minutes from TSA security to the actual gate.

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Boarding Delta 757-200 to San Juan, Puerto Rico

After passengers who need assistance and military personnel, the gate agent will call first class passengers. Boarding was streamlined and easy. The first class is in the front of the plane, to the left of the boarding door. Economy class will turn right at the boarding door.

Delta One on 757-200
Delta One on 757-200

Delta One First Class Cabin

As you can see, there are only 16 seats. If you don’t buy a first class ticket or use your miles to upgrade, you could easily miss out on one of the most comfortable flights to Puerto Rico. Don’t ask to be put on the upgrade list if you’re a medallion member. Just upgrade right away at booking if you want to sit in Delta One on a domestic flight, which is suuuuper rare.

Delta One on 757-200 has only 16 seats

I love getting the window seat, and I booked a window seat near the middle/toward back of the plane.

Delta One on 757-200- pet friendly!

There is plenty of leg room and overhead space. The other great thing about Delta One on 757-200 is that you’re in your own exclusive part of the plane since economy is to the right of the boarding door. You get a ton of overhead space. As you can see, I brought my pup, Ruby, who had so much more room to lie back in first class than economy.

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Staff was excellent, btw. In general, there was such good energy in the first class cabin. Everyone is quiet, friendly, respectful, and we all enjoyed the ride.

Seat comfort

Fully lie flat seats are appreciated, since it’s not common on domestic flights under 4 hours

As I mentioned, Delta One aboard the 757-200 is a fully lie flat seat. Sure, this may not be necessary for a flight less than 4 hours, but I love having the option. I also loved fully reclining back because it beats sitting upright on a four hour flight.

Delta One First Class seat recline

Every Delta One seat comes with a control pad to help you recline to your hearts desire. These pads are a little outdated compared to newer planes, but again, it’s such a treat to have the option of a 757-200 to Puerto Rico, I was not complaining.

And just look at all the leg room! Fully lie flat seats. The space is quite narrow, as you can see, compared to newer first-class cabins, but it does the trick.

Delta One headphones

Every seat comes with headphones for in-seat entertainment, and this may be my only gripe. Delta still uses the two-jack headsets, when most headsets these days only use one. This means that in order to watch seatback entertainment, you’re required to use the provided headsets, but we all know these headsets are of poor quality.

The other option is to bring your own headphones with one-jack and plug it into the right part of the jack (out of two jacks provided). However, the problem with this is A) you have to fit it in a way that isn’t too far in or too far out to work. You have to find the perfect balance inside to get both L and R audio. B) Because the outlet is behind you, you can’t move at all. Just moving a bit in your seat will pull on the headphone wire, which will unplug the jack.

In seat entertainment

Even though I appreciated the touch-screen in-seat monitor, I ended up watching movies I downloaded on my laptop instead.

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Meal service

I was shocked there was meal service, especially since it was cut back big time during the pandemic, but we were all pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be desired here. Passengers had three options to choose from, and I chose the sandwich. I didn’t eat it (the chips and cookie were delicious!) but it’s nice to have an option in case you do get hungry.

Delta One on 757-200 meal service

Overall verdict

Super comfortable… masks are still required on every flight

I’m a sucker for a lie-flat seat. Again, this is extremely rare for travelers to be able to fly a Delta One First Class Lie-Flat Seat on a domestic flight under 4 hours.

As you can see, you have so much room, a lot more privacy, and twice the comfort than normal first class on a Delta flight.

Delta 757-200 to San Juan Puerto Rico

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