Flying to Vegas on a private jet (SURF AIR)

It’s Vegas time! I’m on my way to Virtuoso Travel Week—coined as “the fashion week of travel”—so flying in on a private jet isn’t unusual. Well, OK, I take that back. This is the first time I’m flying on Surf Air, a private jet charter that departs from destinations like Los Angeles, with my pup Ruby. Surf Air is a pet-friendly private jet company, and they roll out the red carpet for pets.


The perks for flying a private jet into Vegas are obviously notable (you don’t have to go through intense security, you can arrive 15 minutes before your flight, you don’t have to wait at baggage claim when you land, etc).

I’ve traveled with different jet companies (I’ll write a longer story later), but I love Surf Air, a California-based, all-you-can-fly membership-based jet company that has some cool cats working behind the scenes. They’re basically the Soho House of private jets. But I do love the fact that they treat your pets like family.

Again, I’ll write a feature story soon but one perk that beats most small private aircraft: bathrooms (if you’ve flown private, you know many short-haul flights don’t have bathrooms).

Again, Surf Air is super pet friendly, which isn’t a shocker considering so many people in LA and on the west coast in general have dogs. I love a good airline that allows dogs. Look at Ruby go!

Sarah is loving Ruby . 

Sarah is loving Ruby.

Take in these views. Killer, right? I’ll keep you posted on what happens in Vegas…

Great views of the Vegas Strip.

Great views of the Vegas Strip.

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