Moving Beyond Margaritas and Tacos – A Guide to What to See in Mexico

Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Los Cabos, Mexico

Known for its storied history, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine, Mexico has long been a must-see destination for travelers. From ancient Mayan ruins and colonial-era architecture to lush beaches, soaring mountain ranges, and stunning deserts, the country offers incredible experiences that any traveler will surely enjoy. For anyone seeking a mix of adventure and relaxation in one memorable journey, there’s no better place than our neighbor south of the border — and here’s our guide to what to see in Mexico.

A Guide to What to See in Mexico

Guide on what to see in Mexico beyond margaritas and tacos.

Mexican Colonial Charms

Take enough time to explore some of Mexico’s unique colonial-era architecture. Many cities boast some of the most amazing old churches and much-beloved landmarks, like the Zocalo Plaza in front of Mexico City’s Palacio Nacional (National Palace). Wander through narrow cobblestone streets that take you back in time and admire UNESCO World Heritage sites like San Miguel de Allende or Campeche.

An Incredible Natural Landscape

Beach in Mexico
Tulum Mexico

For an unforgettable outdoor adventure, you don’t want to miss out on not visiting some of the incredible natural parks in Mexico. Head inland to experience a picturesque desert landscape, or head up to the mountains for stunning views over rugged terrain only accessible by trail.

Cenote in Playa Del Carmen

Venture up north for a dip in grand cenotes (sinkholes) or south for swimming with sea turtles on Baja California beaches. Whatever your outdoor pursuits may be, you’ll find something thrilling here in Mexico.

Delicious Culinary Experiences

A guide on what to see in Mexico – dinner in Playa Del Carmen.

If ever there was a country that celebrated delicious food (and drinks!), it would most certainly have to be Mexico! Here you can sample tacos from street carts set up at nearly every corner or enjoy a gourmet dinner crafted by one of the many incredible chefs offering their services in local restaurants nationwide.

But you can have the best culinary experiences at small establishments outside of more prominent cities. These places always serve some of the most authentic Mexican cuisines from traditional home-style cooking techniques perfected over generations (hello: mole!)

Medical Opportunities In Mexico

And remember one unique benefit: medical opportunities available for visitors in Mexico! Whether it’s dental procedures that provide significant savings from what is offered up north or cancer treatment centers in Mexico located throughout the country. Mexico offers world-class facilities with experienced medical professionals staffed at much lower costs than many other countries can offer. So if treatments are needed while vacationing here, rest assured there are numerous Mexican medical facilities ready to help with whatever your needs are.


Palmaia House of Aia
Guide to Mexico – perfect beaches

From its fascinating history and cultural charms, unbeatable outdoor terrain, and urban wonders alike – not to mention delicious cuisine + excellent medical opportunities available – it’s clear why so many visitors flock each year down south for some fun times in this fantastic destination. We call it Mexican!

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