Happy holidays from Travelbinger (guess where we are?)

Happy holidays from Travelbinger!

Even though I visited my family outside Atlanta, Georgia for Thanksgiving, I’m back for Christmas. It’s nice to have a little R n’ R considering the past month has been absolutely bonkers.

I’ll be here for three days… then I’m back on the road!

On December 28, my friend and I will be renting a car and heading up to North Carolina. We’ll start in Asheville (one of my favorite cities in the U.S.), move on to Winston Salem, then make our way to Raleigh-Durham for New Year.

Naturally, I’ll be posting our adventures along the way (especially Instagram stories, so follow me if you’re not already @jimmyim).

I am going to throw in my affiliate code to Booking Buddy if you plan on any last-minute getaways like I did (they do hotels, flights, car rentals, etc). In fact, they scour all the booking engines to find the cheapest deals, so you know who I’m booking with! Also, I get a kickback if you book, and you know I love kickback. 🙂

 I hope you have an amazing holiday, wherever you plan to travel.

Happy 2020!

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Happy travels!

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