How Private Aviation Is Changing Our International Travels

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That saying rings true when applied to travel of all kinds, especially international travel. The whole world found out the hard way that traveling was something they loved when cross-border travel bans were put in place during the pandemic. Of all the transportation industries, private aviation was the one that bounced back the fastest. Due to the isolated nature of taking a chartered flight, private jet travel became the gold standard in healthy, comfortable travel.

Since these restrictions were lifted, the world has returned to business as usual, and people have been traveling more than ever. Private aviation is still setting the standard for what discerning travelers want, years after the events that brought the industry to a standstill. Let’s explore how private aviation is changing international travel and bringing traveler’s standards to a new high.

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Travel can be a cause of stress for a lot of people. While many relish every step of the journey, from the excitement of getting to a crowded airport to sharing a plane with other travelers on their way to exciting destinations to landing in a foreign country, others see the to and fro as something a little scary. Hiring a private jet charter instead of flying commercially can be a helpful solution for travelers with social anxiety or fear of flying.

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Dealing with a charter company and a small staff dedicated solely to your care for the duration of a flight is far easier than dealing with an airline full of faraway staff at a call center. Boarding is a more straightforward process and involves a far smaller number of people, and there’s no need to worry about losing your bags because they — and that of the crew — will be the only luggage on board. You’ll only be sharing a cabin with people you know, or you’ll have it entirely to yourself, so you can keep any stressors to a minimum.

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You’ll also be able to move around a spacious cabin, wear your pajamas if you like, take care of your skin without other passengers staring, and eat from a custom menu — talk to your charter company about this as options vary — set to your needs and preferences and relax entirely in the space.

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Another well-being benefit of flying on a private plane is that you’ll be coming into contact with a far smaller number of strangers. This means far fewer potential interactions with unknown germs, which means you’ll be able to spend your trip enjoying yourself or working hard rather than recuperating from a bug you caught on the flight.

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World of Business

International business travel has surged in the last few years. With businesses and business dealings becoming more international, thanks to the continual improvement of technologies that connect human beings worldwide, the need for business travel is higher than ever. Hug corporations have company-wide events in one location, meaning employees from across the globe have to book flights to get where they are going.

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Traveling by private airline, especially for business, is just good sense. There will likely be several employees making the trip from one city, so putting these employees together on one private plane affords them the opportunity for team building or for them to prepare any presentations they may need to share while they’re traveling.

It also means that employees will arrive at their destinations refreshed from comfortable travel rather than tired and irritable. It goes without saying that high-ranking executives who travel for business fly private, too.

Far-Flung Destinations

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If you’re a seasoned traveler, you’ve probably already explored all the major cities: London, Paris, New York, Milan, etc. If you’re looking to expand your travel horizons to include some truly unique, memorable, and far-flung destinations, you may be looking at places where only smaller planes are permitted to land. There are a few incredible destinations that only private planes can access.

If you want to experience the crystalline waters that lap at the shore of Necker Island (British Virgin Islands), take in the incredible desert landscapes that surround Amangiri Resort in Utah, or hike up the slopes of an extinct volcano on the lush Lanai Island (Hawaii), then a private plane is the only way to go. There are no public airports at these remote locations, so chartering a jet is the only way to access them.

The discerning traveler needs their world map to include places off the beaten track, and if you fly private, you’ll be able to see those places in all their wondrous glory.

Wrap Up

The private aviation sector is having an incredible impact on international travel — that much is clear. What the landscape of the aviation industry at large will look like in ten years, no one can say for sure, but we know that private aviation will be a part of the picture.

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