How To Fly With Your Dog (Stress-Free) – From Veteran Dog Passenger

I travel frequently with my pup Ruby, and I have been doing so for 10 years. If there’s anyone who knows all the tips and tricks, it’s me. Now, to make things easier, I put together a fun video on how to fly with your dog stress free with my pup JetSetRuby!

Ruby has been on over 80 flights, and she’s definitely acclimated on being on a plane. This is so helpful for me since she’s been flying since she’s been very young— I had to fly her up from Georgia when she was about 8 weeks old! — but not a lot of dog owners are very fortunate with being able to acclimate dogs at an early age. It’s why I’ve learned some habits of dogs, and how you can easily and safely fly with your dog stress-free onboard a flight, and of course, in-cabin.

So, to make flying comfortable and stress-free for anyone flying with a dog, I listed 6 of my best tips for taking your pup on a plane, but also, you can now see Ruby in action on flights in this video.

Another thing I want to point out is that I get so many emails and comments on the video with questions from travelers flying with a dog for the first time, so here’s a few more things I want to add if you’re flying with a dog for the first time.

First rule of thumb: Relax! If you’re anxious, your dog will be anxious.

Secondly: I get a ton of emails asking about the right pet carrier. Here you go. It’s TSA approved, super affordable, and it’s lasted me 10 years. Also, Ruby loves it 🙂

Third: Flight attendants LOVE dogs. Trust me. They treat them better than the actual passengers, so that’s something you should know.

Pet friendly Surf Air
Ruby on a private jet!

Lastly, before you head to my video to see all the tips on how to fly with your dog stress-free, know that all those “nightmare” situations that have run through your head are VERY rare (dog taking a poop in your seat, dog barking for hours, etc).

I mean, has this ever happened on a flight you’ve been on? I think not. There’s more chances of you winning the lottery than your dog having a freakout.

So, please, enjoy the video to see my best tips on how to fly with your dog stress free!

Oh, and BTW: This is so funny. These small pet backpacks are super hot these days. Well, at least I see a bunch of them here in Brooklyn (especially the literal hot days dogs can’t walk on sidewalks).

Anyway, just wanted to throw it out there if you have a small dog who is sensitive to hot concrete!!

Feel free to leave any comments in the video, and don’t forget to subscribe! I would seriously appreciate it!!

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