How To Get Access To Residents-Only Prybil Beach In Glen Cove, Long Island

Long Island Prybil beach

Prybil Beach in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, is a private beach only open to residents of Glen Cove. The beach, located at the end of East Beach Road, sprawls 8 acres, a gorgeous paradise of white sand and calm waters. Here, residents have access to volleyball courts, a fishing pier, a concession stand serving cold beer, and of course, a roped-off area of sea they can swim and play in.

Glen Cove Prybil Beach
Glen Cove Prybil Beach

Unfortunately, to get access to Prybil Beach, you must be a resident of Glen Cove. If you’re not a resident, the only way you can actually enjoy the beach is by being friends or family with a resident. We love Long Island beaches, so this is a true bummer if you’re not in with a Glen Cove resident.

I was able to access Prybil Beach on the North Shore of Long Island through my friend who lives in Glen Cove. He lives about a mile away from the beach, and when we arrived at the gated area, the security asked him for his driver’s license. To have access to Prybil Beach, residents must show some sort of proof they live in the community.

Prybil Beach Long Island
Prybil Beach Long Island

Once we entered, there’s a parking lot literally beach side. It’s super convenient. No long walks to get to the beach. The sprawling sand is right there. The great thing about Pryibil Beach is that it’s not crowded. Those who frequent Long Island beaches like Montauk and Fire Island know the beaches can get crowded.

Glen Cove private beach
Glen Cove private beach

It’s a good idea to bring your own beach chairs and umbrella, since those are not provided. My friend and I brought our own chairs, which was nice to have since the sand was incredibly hot.

Prybil Beach
Prybil Beach

The water was freezing in June, but once you’re in for a while, you get used to it, and it’s refreshing.

Hopefull you will one day become friends with a resident of Glen Cove to have access to this beach!

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