How to get early or priority boarding for FREE

Delta One on 757-200

If you want to get early boarding or priority boarding, you don’t necessarily have to pay for it. Nor do you have to be an elite member with an airline. There are easy and free strategies, and I discuss how to get early or priority boarding for free in my weekly YouTube video.

Listen. I hate boarding last as much as you do, so these free and easy hacks help you avoid it. I even wrote a story about it here.

Naturally, the best way to get early and priority boarding for free is flying first or business class (and I discuss ways to get upgraded for free here). This will ensure you are among the first to board a plane, and you’ll settle in fast. You’ll also get dedicated overhead bin space so you never have to worry about that.

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OK, so the second best way to get early or priority boarding for free is being an elite member with an airline. If you don’t fly often, and your biggest concern is boarding first, definitely fly business or first if you can.

Obviously, not everyone can do this either, so check out my video to see the 4 ways you can board early, even if you’re booked in basic economy. There’s also a huge tip on how to board early on Southwest, if that’s your preferred airline.

Good luck and have a safe flight!

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