Random, insane view in Chicago’s West Loop

Behold. The amazing, random view from Randolph Street bridge in Chicago’s West Loop. I promise to stop taking vertical photos because who does that? But in any case, since I love towering cities, and it’s not often I look up at night (I need to do it more), I was pretty surprised with this view. It really captures the essence of Chicago, and it’s not a view I see often.

The amazing view from Randolph Street bridge. I promise to stop taking vertical photos because who does that?

This is a striking view from Randolph Street Bridge (in Chicago’s trendy West Loop neighborhood) at night.

What makes it so unique and amazing is that a) you’re not on a Chicago rooftop and b) it’s a different perspective from outside the downtown core.

For the record, I love the West Loop. Three years ago, I was one of the first journalists to be invited to stay at Soho House Chicago, which I wrote about for The Hollywood Reporter (story here). It’s definitely transformed fast, and I love the direction it’s heading.

I LOVE this old-school life preserve. 

I LOVE this old-school life preserve.

I also had a chance to eat at Proxi, which opened in May. It’s basically the same team from Michelin-rated Sepia, and I’ll post a review soon. For now, take in this view and “insert self!”

This is the view you get when you've had three glasses of wine, which I didn't. So...

This is the view you get when you’ve had three glasses of wine, which I didn’t. So…

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