I ordered a $130 Steak At Bourbon Steak in Washington DC

Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak is one of the most lauded restaurant brands in America. These highbrow steakhouses can be found in 7 locations across the country, and you’ll end up going for a special occasion, date, or if money is not an issue. While there’s no Bourbon Steak in NYC, it’s nice to have one so close in Washington DC, the only Bourbon Steak location in the Northeast. I recently traveled to DC for the weekend, where I ordered and ate my most expensive steak ever. 

Bourbon Steak is located at Four Seasons Washington DCWhile the restaurant has a swank and glamorous interior, I chose to sit outside in the courtyard since the weather was nice. 

Four Seasons Washington DC

The outdoor courtyard is gorgeous. It’s located in the heart of the hotel where vines grow along the building structure, and an interesting mural hugs the top corner.

Four Seasons Washington DC

Steaks average $45 to $150 at Bourbon Steak. Michael Mina has an impressive resume, and he’s known for his steaks, so you know you’re in for a treat. 

Bourbon Steak Four Seasons Washington DC menu

I ordered the American Wagyu 14 oz, 7x ribeye steak from Colorado. Damn, it’s an expensive steak, but you only live once.

The great thing about this restaurant is that fries are free. I know that’s such a strange thing to say, but fries raises my endorphin levels, like anyone else in this world, and when they come free before your meal, your seratonin is off the charts.

Four Seasons Washington DC Bourbon Steak

When the American Wagyu 14 oz, 7x ribeye steak, it was a little on the medium side when I ordered medium rare. I didn’t really care. I was hungry, and I was happy from the fries. I also got mac and cheese, and it hit all the right spots.

Bourbon Steak Washington DC

The expensive steak wasn’t soft and tender. I fact, it was a little tough and chewy. It was seasoned well, but I was surprised at how chewy it was. It was also rounded by a lot of fat. Tons of fat and butter, like there was less meat than I had expected.

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Sure, it was delicious, but I had always believed that the most tender, melt in your mouth type of expensive steaks set the standard on best steaks in the world, so I was a little confused. If I’m going to order an expensive steak, I want the meat to be soft. But hey, you live and you learn. 

Expensive ribeye steak at Bourbon Steak

I loved the steak. I thought it was great. I finally got to try an expensive steak. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $30 for a steak, so it was a treat, and now I know what American Wagyu ribeye steak from Colorado tastes like. 

But I’ll probably go for a more tender steak next time.

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