I Went To This Secret Beach Just 30 Minutes From Manhattan (Photos Fort Tilden)

Fort Tilden Beach

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, I have not taken a trip. For someone who travels an average 2x a month, this is a huge statement, but I definitely wanted to quarantine as much as I could so the virus passes sooner. Now that the numbers have gone low in New York (average .7%) I spent an afternoon at Fort Tilden Beach in Breezy Point, New York, just 30 minutes from Manhattan.

First: WTF is Breezy Point? Good Question. It’s a small town in Rockaway. You know you’re there when. you get to Fort Tilden National Recreational Area. It’s a quick and easy drive from the city, and the beach is gorgeous and tucked away on the coast.

Over Labor Day weekend, my friends and I went to Fort Tilden Beach. I have to admit, after living in New York City for over a decade, I had never heard of it. In fact, I had been so infrequently to beaches in New York because I was going to beaches all over the world since my twenties, everywhere from Maldives and Thailand to Caribbean and Mexico.

Fort Tilden Beach

My friend Agatha has a car, and we drove about 35 minutes from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, along the water. It was a gorgeous day, around 80 degrees. She regularly goes to Fort Tilden Beach, and when we arrived, I immediately knew why.

After paying $10 for parking, we met two friends at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. The beach was sprawling for miles, and it was packed. However, here’s the secret: If you walk along the right side of the beach, you start trailing away from the families and crowded area, and hit some of the most beautiful water. This is where we set up camp, amidst many other young New Yorkers.

Fort Tilden Beach

You can bring your dog to the beach after September 15. Also, you must bring your own umbrella. There is absolutely no shade whatsoever, so you’ll bake in the sun. We were there for hours, and we totally didn’t care, but I definitely felt the burn the next day (and I put on tons of sunscreen).

Anyway, it was so nice to get away after not traveling for 7 months. In fact, even though Fort Tilden Beach was only a 30-minute drive, it felt worlds away from the city.

You still have a few good weeks to enjoy the refreshing water and hot sand!

Have you been to Fort Tilden Beach? Let us know in the comments below!

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