I’m honored to be the most viewed Luxury Hotels writer on Quora — take a look

I love Quora, a platform that offers honest reviews, stories, opinions and answers from writers who are authorities in their respective subject.

I’m proud to be the most viewed writer in Luxury Hotels. I write a lot about my personal experiences through my 15 years of travel on Quora (versus the expert advice/ content you’d find on Travelbinger), so I encourage you to follow me on Quora, too.

Most viewed Luxury Hotels writer on Quora.

I’m also No. 2 in Hotel Recommendations, in the top 5 most viewed writers in Hospitality Industry and Hotel Management and in the top 10 writers in Hotels.

Top viewed Hotel Recommendations writer on Quora.

I like to write more personal travel experiences on Quora because those are the type of stories people love to read there. For instance, the last question I answered is:

My answer involved a situation with a flight attendant who kicked off Muslim passengers for no reason. It haas since received 30K views at the time of this post. Perhaps, eventually, I’ll write about my personal experiences on Travelbinger, but it’s nice to be part of the Quora world.

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While I love writing about my flight experiences, I write mostly about moments at hotels, and since writing on Quora a few weeks ago, I’ve already climbed to No 6 writer in Hotels, which has 3.2 million followers. I usually write these personal experiences late in the night, after I’ve published Travelbinger stories, and I’m excited to turn out more stories for you… on both Travelbinger and Quora!

Be sure to check me out on Quora, since I do write a lot about my more personal experiences in 15 years of travel!

Top viewed Hotels writer in Quora.

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