Review: I had the best Indian food of my life at Indian Accent New Delhi

Indian Accent, ranked a top 100 restaurant in the world, is the most progressive Indian restaurant in New Delhi. Currently located in a highbrow, residential neighborhood, it’s one of my favorite culinary experiences, so I definitely have to write an Indian Accent New Delhi review. For now, take a look at some of the dishes I had, and a brief review.

What makes Indian Accent standout? The chef puts a cosmopolitan twist on traditional Indian recipes. The dishes are thoughtful, progressive, carefully plated and, unlike most Indian restaurants, focus on rich, small bites in a tasting menu. It was a sensation of colors, textures, flavors and, even aesthetically, they each looked like little pieces of art.

It was the best meal I had in India. That’s a big statement, but it’s true, and I can’t wait to write my full Indian Accent New Delhi review.

Actually, this was also the first meal I had when I arrived in New Delhi. As most travelers know, you’ll want to ease into Indian food so your stomach can acclimate to the strong spices. Easy on the stomach, Indian Accent was the perfect transition in.

Take a look at some of my favorite dishes from my meal.

Indian Accent’s Indian take on a Mexican taco.

The charred tip of this shrimp was everything.

Something to gnaw on like an elf.
Palette cleanser presentation
Can we talk about the bacon-infused naan bread?
Digestifs in a colorful display.

Stay tuned to a full Indian Accent New Delhi review!

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