Jimin Of BTS Can Expect Major Transformation Incoming

Jimin of the band BTS is heading is going through a pivotal transformation that will likely change his entire life and career from this moment forward. This is according to our resident reader, The Tarot Ship, who did a Jimin horoscope tarot reading. So what’s next for Jimin of BTS?

First, we know he released a new album, which had major success, but now what?

Based on his birth chart reading (included in the YouTube video below), as well as his tarot reading, he is a Libra, but he also has plenty of action in Libra, including his Mercury, North Node and Chiron. He is so fair minded and balanced and loving, and he also has his Pluto in Scorpio (dignified), which will put him in a big direction for the next 20 years.  With his birth chart and reading, we know he’s definitely going through a major transformation. Was he meant to be famous?

What’s next for Jimin of BTS?

Jimin is a Libra, and with Jupiter in Aries, we know he’s going through a major transformation with partnerships. The fact he has a Scorpio stellium in Venus, Mars and Pluto is enormously important. He is truly passionate about what he wants, including relationships, and he has so much power in his passion. With Pluto in Scorpio, he has no problem with burning it down and building things up if things don’t go well for him.

The fact that Jupiter is moving into Taurus in May and his Saturn in Pisces (which just happened last month) means that he is going to have a major transformation, for the 8th house (Jupiter in Libra for him) is death and rebirth and transformation, as well as other people’s money.

Expect major evolution for Jimin and his personal life and career.

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Even his bandmate, V!

About The Tarot Ship

The Tarot Ship gained quick fame when he did a tarot reading predicting Johnny Depp would win the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. Since, he has made other other celebrity predictions (including a reading on Pete Davidson’s big announcement – leaving SNL), with a host of celebrity tarot readings on his Celebrity Tarot Readings channel.

The Tarot Ship is known for his insightful, free tarot horoscope readings for all 12 Zodiac signs. Unlike a general horoscope or tarot reading, he uses tarot, astrology and his guides to offer more clarity in a Celtic Cross spread, meaning he gets a lot more specific than a general reading. In fact, you feel that you are getting a personal reading rather than a general reading for your sign.

Just recently, The Tarot Ship did a tarot reading on Outlander’s Sam Heughan.

The tarot reading not only has received over 6,000 views since appearing on TheTarotShip YouTube last week, it caused a storm on Twitter — especially since Sam Heughan responded to the video.


Sam, a gentleman, and a lovely, dynamic person, according to the birth chart reading The Tarot Ship provided, also left a comment on The Tarot Ship’s Instagram.

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