Jogging is the new manspreading during coronavirus pandemic

Runners and joggers during coronavirus pandemic.

Joggers are the new #covidiots.

On April 3, the CDC recommended everyone wear a face mask when they leave their home to prevent the spread of coronavirus as people across America social distance (Trump has extended social distancing guidelines until April 30). 

However, joggers and runners during coronavirus pandemic continue to avoid social distancing and wearing masks as they go for a run. This ensures they will continue to risk spreading coronavirus or getting infected themselves.

Residents in New York City are begging runners to stop if they don’t adhere to six feet of social distance.

One New Yorker wrote to Gothamist, explaining jogging and running is the new manspreading. “Please write about the new manspreading—people jogging on narrow sidewalks with barely a foot between them and pedestrians just trying to carefully get their groceries. Especially racing up behind people.” 

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According to Gothamist, several Gothamist and WNYC staffers have reported runners brushing past them in different parts of NYC. 

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“What has been a problem in the city is runners getting too close to one another, and to people who are just walking around outside, both on sidewalks and in parks,” according to Gothamist writer Ben Yakas.

People on Twitter are lashing out at runners and joggers all over the world.

Joggers are ruthless.


Coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets, according to the CDC. Joggers are constantly inhaling/exhaling hard, wheezing, spittle coming from their mouth at times. They are also sucking in loads of air where someone could have coughed and sneezed just seconds ago.

David Nieman, Dr.PH., health professor at Appalachian State University and director of the Human Performance Lab at the North Carolina Research Campus, told Runners World: “When people congregate together and someone sneezes or coughs, droplets get onto objects that people touch, and then people touch their face. The best plan for running right now is to go out for a solo run and enjoy the outdoors, in noncrowded areas. And, try timing your run for when you know the trails will be less crowded.

While Nieman has good intentions with his advice, he is not considering joggers in crowded cities, like New York City, Chicago and Miami, where hundreds of people maintaining six-feet social distance can still be on the street while joggers pass them.

“You should protect yourself and those around you by spreading out and maintaining distance at least six feet apart from other runners (the recommendation for safe social distancing) and avoiding unnecessary hand-touching,” according to Runner’s World writer Jordan Smith. 

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Dr. Maria Khan, an infectious disease epidemiologist and associate professor in the department of population health at NYU Langone, told the NY Daily News, “If you have to, move to a less-traveled part of your route such as off the road in the grass. Keeping your fluids to yourself is going to be important if there are people around,” she said. “We should be on the side of being very conservative and not coughing or spitting when running near others. That’s the party line.”

Runners and joggers during coronavirus pandemic, please be respectful at this time. Stay at least 10 to 20 feet distance from pedestrians on the street, and wear a mask if you can. This will ensure everyone can have outdoor time.

If you can’t get a face mask, here’s instructions provided by CDC on making your own. 

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