Here’s The First U.S. Airport To Covid Screen Passengers With Fever Detecting Cameras

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Los Angeles International Airport is now the first U.S. airport to thermal screen passengers for Covid.

Beginning late June, LAX will help identify passengers who may have Covid-19 with fever-detecting cameras, which can detect temperatures of 100.4 degrees or higher, the airport announced on Monday. The cameras are an attempt for LAX to ensure Covid safety measures for passengers going through the airport.

The thermal scanning cameras will be placed inside the main entrance and near select international arrival gates at LAX. The cameras are non-invasive (they will not store, transmit or share any data or images), and no one needs to stop in any way.

If a traveler is detected with a high temperature at or above 100.4 degrees (the current CDC standard for a fever), they will be asked to be screened for a second screening by a medical professional on site.

If you need to fly, make sure you have no coronavirus symptoms. Because you’ll have to wear a mask aboard your flight, be sure to get a durable one. You can buy them here.

LAX International Airport is currently the only airport in America that will thermal screen passengers.

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You must wear a mask inside the airport.

Passengers who travel through LAX must wear a face mask inside, according to the website.

LAX also offers health screening for passengers arriving from specific countries or regions to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Remember: You must wear a mask on your flight. There are also certain seats to book to reduce your chances of getting covid.

For travelers looking to avoid LAX entirely, you can fly PS, which is a service that picks you up straight from the jet and takes you to a private suite outside the terminal. You literally do not step a foot inside the LAX airport. If you do plan to fly and use the service, please ensure you do not have any covid symptoms.

What do you think about LAX Airport screening thermally for covid safety measures? Let us know in the comments below.

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