3 Ways a Humidifier Can Protect You From Covid-19

Two years into the coronavirus pandemic, people are wondering how to safely take precautions in their own home. Personally, I take vitamins, stay hydrated with electrolyte water and eat as healthy as I can, but I also crank up my humidifier — and you should, too. Because a humidifier can help prevent you from Covid-19, and it’s good to have in your home… but also? I just now LOVE having one. Here’s my Levoit Humidifier review. It’s the humidifier I got just for Covid, but now use it every day.

East Village during coronavirus pandemic.

3 ways a humidifier can help you during the Covid-19.

Use a humidifier during coronavirus pandemic.

First, before my Levoit Humidifier review, let’s talk about how a humidifier actually does help prevent you from getting Covid.

In a report by Popular Mechanic, Carl Fichtenbaum, an infectious disease specialist and professor of clinical medicine at the University of Cincinnati, said that a humidifier is a good way to practice good hygiene (in addition to hand-washing and other measures) but he also noted the virus doesn’t do well with humidity. 

“COVID-19 can survive in the environment with a humidity somewhere between 20-40 percent,” he said. “When humidity gets to be around 60-80 percent, the virus has trouble with survival. Coronaviruses, in general, do not do well with upwards of 40 percent humidity, so one suggestion is to consider using a humidifier though this may only work in a smaller space.”

Seema Lakdawala, the University of Pittsburgh virologist, told NPR that people should use a humidifier for another reason. “Keeping the humidity up will keep the protective membranes in your nose from drying out, which makes them less effective as they try to keep pathogens out. Mid-range humidity also appears to cause some viruses to decay faster.”

And for those who are feeling under the weather, a humidifier can help battle your symptoms.

I moved During Covid-19

“A humidifier can help a lot with a cough that makes it tough to sleep,” Dr. Caitlin Rivers at the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University told Vox.

“If you don’t own a humidifier, sitting in a steamy room (like one where the shower is running) can help,” she says. 

Many other publications are reporting that humidifiers do come in handy at a time like this.

I’ve been using my humidifier every day since I want to take that extra precaution. If you can get your hands on one, I suggest you use it.

Levoit Humidifier Review

Now, I use a Levoit humidifier from Amazon, but it’s pricey at $94. It has several humidity and mist levels (including warm and cold), a sensor gauge that determines humidity level, as well as a remote control. I refill the water once a week (as opposed to once a day for many humidifiers).

This humidifier is on the table next to my bed. It’s perfect for a small space, like my bedroom.

Honestly, there’s not much you can save about a humidifier other than that… for my Levoit Humidifier review, I can tell you that having this one is so much better than the other ones I’ve had. It’s more high-tech, first of all. Including all the features I mentioned earlier, you can set a timer on it. I would turn it on when I went to bed and set the timer to turn off four hours later to save electricity.

One thing I should mention… once it’s full of water (which is 6 liters, one of the few humidifiers I found online that has this large capacity, which is great, meaning you don’t have to fill it so many times in a week), it can be heavy. So if you have a weak back, try to get someone to carry it for you.

I’m not sure if Amazon considers a humidifier an essential supply, but there are others you can find on the website. Here’s a link to an affordable one if you don’t want to spend $100. But honestly, Levoit Humidifier is worth it.

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