I checked into Marriott Marquis Bangkok. At first I was like uhhh, but it’s actually awesome

Marriott Marquis Bangkok is the largest hotel in Bangkok with over 1,000 rooms.

I generally stray from massive, “soulless” type of hotels, but A) hotels in Asia are sooo much nicer than the states and B) it’s among the first hotels part of Marriott’s ambitious new direction in banging out awesome properties.

I think most Americans have an initial reaction with Marriott, like I did, but the hotel chain is becoming more modern, and the hotels in Asia are already impressionable.

I LOVED this hotel. It was super glam with attentive staff, great amenities (like outdoor pools, massive gym, elevated dining) and some of the best views I’ve seen in Bangkok. I was actually floored, and I’m sure most travelers will be too.


Also: Imagine Dragons private concert tomorrow! I’ll be posting a hotel review and concert recap…stay tuned!

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