May 15 to 22 Is The Luckiest Week Of 2023 – Weekly Tarot Horoscope

May 15 to 22 is the “luckiest” week of the year! Not only is Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, luck, prosperity and expansion moving into Taurus (stability, values, comfort) on May 16, we have a powerful new moon in Taurus three days later! This new moon is auspicious. Not only is it a new moon in Taurus, we have the sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. That’s half the solar system! Every Zodiac sign will feel major shifts this week. Check out your weekly tarot horoscope forecast for all Zodiac signs done by our resident tarot reader, The Tarot Ship.

The Tarot Ship

The Tarot Ship offers full free tarot horoscope readings for all 12 Zodiac signs. Unlike a general weekly horoscope or tarot reading, he combines tarot, astrology and his guides and sharp intuition to get more specific and offer more clarity in a Celtic Cross spread, meaning he gets a lot more specific than a general reading. In fact, with his readings, you feel that you are getting a personal reading rather than a general reading for your sign.

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Scroll down to see your weekly tarot horoscope predictions for May 15-22 2023!

He’s also known for his celebrity tarot readings. All his predictions have come true (ie: Johnny Depp winning the trial; Pete Davidson announcing he’s leaving SNL; Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl; John Legend having a baby and more). Every week, he does a celebrity tarot reading on his Youtube channel, where he offers daily, weekly and monthly forecasts for all signs.

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MAY 2023 Key Astrological Dates

Week One

May 1: Sun conjuncts Mercury Retrograde – Mental breakthrough!

Pluto goes retrograde (will go direct October 10)

May 4: Venus square Neptune – Possible confusion/miscommunication. Clarity in love, passions, expectations.

Venus sextile Jupiter – Luck in love!!

May 5: FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN SCORPIO – Sun conjunct Uranus/Mercury retrograde opposes moon. Something may be “eclipsed” out of your life.

May 7: VENUS ENTERS CANCER – Love, love, love! Sensitive, compassionate, intuitive in passions and love.



*Note Mars AND Venus are in Cancer for nearly two weeks! Think: Sweet, loving, nurturing, emotional intelligence in love, passions, goals.

Week Two

May 9: Sun conjunct Uranus – Be prepared for the unexpected!

May 12: Mercury sextiles Saturn – Think/strategize long-term goals

Mercury sextile Venus – Be social! Amazing link.

Venus trine Saturn – Love and passions have long-term potential, commitment energy

May 14: Mother’s Day (US). Mercury goes direct!

Week Three

May 15: Mars trine Neptune – Fairy tale of a day with Mars in Cancer ? So much love.

May 16: JUPITER ENTERS TAURUS! The planet of good fortune goes into Taurus until May 2024.

May 17: Jupiter square Pluto – Financial matters may need attention.

May 18: Sun sextile Neptune – Creativity, compassion and imagination will soar!

Mercury sextile Saturn – Excellent day for communication and making sound judgments, listening to others

May 19: NEW MOON IN TAURUS – WOW! Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury (five celestial bodies!) in Taurus!!! Major. Mars is friendly, Pluto  opposite, so power struggle may arise but YOU DO YOU.

May 20: Mars opposes Pluto – INTENSE, POWERFUL ENERGY! Direct toward your goals and passions!!!

MARS ENTERS LEO – Fiery! Passionate! Taking charge for your passions and wishes! Initiate! Take risks! Use your power!!

May 21: SUN ENTERS GEMINI – Social! Outgoing! Mental stimulation! Charming! Communicative!

Sun sextile Mars – Powerful, dynamic energy! You’ll feel self confidence! Take action, use this energy!

Week Four

May 22: Mars square Jupiter – Have courage and faith toward goals. So much courage with this aspect.

May 26: Venus sextile Uranus – Love is truly in the air. Could get unexpected surprises in love, creativity, passions. Sparks.

May 28: Sun square Saturn – Nothing can stop you. If you feel overwhelmed, overworked or tested, power through.

May 29: Happy Memorial Day in US (no aspects)

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All signs: May 15-22 2023 Tarot Horoscope Readings

ARIES  – This week kicks off your biggest money and wealth year since 2011.


GEMINI– Rare reading with amazing surprises and new opportunity!

CANCER – You will NOT forget this week!! Your joy will radiate!

LEO – Congratulations, Leo. You’re the first sign to make me ?. RARE SPREAD


LIBRA – It’s time to celebrate! WOW. New beginnings express!

SCORPIO – Your spread confirms last week’s reading: GREATEST OF ALL TIME ♏️??

SAGITTARIUS – Deep dive this week… your biggest reading of “awakening” / spirituality ♐️ ??

CAPRICORN – Welcome to your most empowering spread EVER! ♑️ ?

AQUARIUS – This is going to be a WEEK! I hope you’re sitting down for this. SPEECHLESS ♒️ ??

PISCES – One of your best spreads with unbelievable twist ending!

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