More Than 2 Million U.S. Passengers Traveled Daily In June — The Most Since March 5, 2020

Delta Gate at Terminal D Laguardia

Travel is booming again. In the U.S., more than 2 million passengers traveled the month of June 2021, the most travelers through a TSA checkpoint since March 5, 2020, according to TSA.

June 11 marks the first time travel hit the 2 million mark this year. More than 2 million passengers traveled on June 13, then again on June 17, showing a steady incline in travel.

TSA checkpoint numbers

2 million travelers in June is pretty standard. Looking at June 2019, TSA shows that an average 2.6 million travelers passed through TSA daily.

Now that vaccinations are rolling out, more Americans become vaccinated, and Covid-19 rules and regulations relax, more travelers are hitting the road. I even took a flight in May 2021, my first time flying since March 2020.

Going through a TSA checkpoint is no different now than it was in the past, although you will need to wear a mask, as it’s a requirement in all federal buildings. When I flew to Atlanta in May 2021, at TSA checkpoint, the agent had me remove my mask so she could match my face to my ID. There’s plexiglass between the traveler and the agent, so it’s safe, and your mask removal is no more than 2 seconds.

Delta Laguardia Airport new Gates 92 to 98

If you’re going to travel, be sure that you are fit to travel. Make sure you show know signs of Covid-19. Also, be sure to take a COVID-19 test before you even think about packing your bags for a vacation, and always stay up to date with what destinations require for entry.

Lastly, if you’re going to travel, get to the airport early, even if you’re going on a short trip. CBS News reports that according to a TSA memo obtained by The Washington Post, 235 airports are currently under-staffed, including some of the nation’s busiest, like Boston Logan, Denver International and Washington Dulles. This means that going through TSA can take a lot longer than normal, which also means you could potentially be set back on making your flight. However, the TSA says it is “well positioned to meet rising traveler volume and is on pace with established benchmarks to meet hiring goals.”

Delta Sky Priority LaGuardia Airport
Delta Sky Priority LaGuardia Airport

The TSA is offering a recruitment pitch which includes a $1,000 incentive for new hires, according to CBS News. Just a few months ago the TSA planned to hire more than six thousand security officers by this summer. So far, it’s hired half of that number, according to CBS News.

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