NYC Protest June 2 at 1 PM #JusticeForFloyd #BlackLivesMatter

NYC Protest 1 Police Plaza June 2

I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with travel, but a lot of my friends here in NYC didn’t know information on the next police brutality / Justice for George Floyd protest. I even searched Google and Twitter, and I couldn’t find the exact location clearly, so I want to make sure everyone knows the details. This will be the next NYC protest.

When: Tuesday, June 2nd at 1 pm.

Where: 1 Police Plaza Path, New York, NY 10038

I hope to see you there.

As the flyer states, remember, we are still in a pandemic, so *please* wear a mask, as we protest and demand justice for George Floyd in NYC.

UPDATE: I do *not* know who the organizers are for this protest, but this flyer was passed to me with the flyer for the two protests coordinated in NYC on Saturday. I would assume it is the same organizers. I have been to very legit protests all weekend based on the information I’m receiving, but please know that you are going at your own risk, as per *any* protest. Some people are saying this is a “trap.”

As far as I know, there have been *zero* protests in NYC that were a “trap” set up by a “cop,” so if you don’t do your homework and just assume every protest is a trap, please stay home for your mental health. One thing I also want to add: NY federal court staffers were warned not to come to 1 Police Plaza because of the protest today, according to New York Post, which helps legitimize this protest.

Everyone please be safe out there!!!!



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NYC Protest 1 Police Plaza June 2
NYC Protest 1 Police Plaza, Tuesday June 2 at 1 PM.

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  1. hi! I’ve looked all over the internet for more info about this protest, but I couldn’t find any! Do you think you could direct me to more info? Also, do you know who the organizers are?

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