“The Island” is the Future of Public Transportation in Hong Kong (PHOTOS)

Ponti Design Studio

Hong Kong’s public transit system has long been recognized as one of the most efficient in the world, and now, designers reveal the future of public transportation in Hong Kong, including The Island and OSeaD1 Hong Kong. Take a look at the designs below.

In a post-COVID world, Hong Kong-based designers Ponti Design Studio and Michael Young Studio have redesigned the city’s iconic trams and ferries to accommodate social distancing. 

future of public transportation hong kong

Take a look at the new futuristic and driverless trams called The Island and the ferry deisgn called OSeaD1. These are slated to be the new innovation driving the future of public transportation in Hong Kong.

The Tram, aka The Island

Ponti Design Studio
Ponti Design Studio

Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti, founder of Ponti Design Studio, has designed a new tramway concept called The Island, a double-decker driverless tram that incorporates physical distancing measures and sustainable elements.


The tram addresses hygiene and distancing measures with touchless entry and exit, driverless technology and circular seating pods where passengers sit facing outwards in a radial pattern, replacing tight rows of seating. 

Ponti Design Studio
Ponti Design Studio

The driverless technology optimizes the interior space of the tram, making it easier to manage travel times and increase onboard safety. The tram has a retractable connector for rapid charging at tram stops and large vertical LEDs enhance visibility in all weather conditions.  

Ponti Design Studio

The simple tram stop structure, being open on both sides, streamlines the boarding process, optimizing the available space inside offering a healthier environment.  

Ponti Design Studio
Ponti Design Studio

Tramways have been one of the city’s top landmarks, this year marking the 115th anniversary. 

The Ferry, aka OSeaD1 

Michael Young Studio
Michael Young Studio

With new legislation being implemented by The Government of HKSAR to use compliant fuel within Hong Kong waters, Michael Young Studio responded by offering alternative electrically powered small commuter boats and ferries. 

The first concept is called the OseaD1 Hong Kong, a small commuter boat conceptually created to transport passengers between Hong Kong island and the new M+ museum of visual culture, and the West Kowloon Cultural District.  

The OseaD1 in Hong Kong has numerous benefits from driverless technology, a quieter, less toxic electric propulsion engine and a recycled polyethylene and steel exterior. 

The product is a walk-on walk-off concept that can land itself into a secure dock and charging station thanks to a hydraulic control and stabilizing system. Contrast to most commuter ferries, people can sit around the outside of the ferry for social distancing purposes and also allows for wheelchair access. 

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Michael Young Studio

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