Product Review: Goodpapa Multi-Function Electric Spin Scrubber

Goodpapa K1 Multi-Function Spin Scrubber

The Global Smart Kitchen Appliances Market size was estimated at USD 18.51 Billion in 2020 and expected to reach USD 21.29 Billion in 2021, according to Yahoo Finance. Smart technology has been added to some of the most used appliances, like vacuums and refrigerators. Now, kitchen cleaning equipment is becoming hot, and I had the chance to check out Goodpapa K1 Multi-Function Electric Spin Scrubber.

Goodpapa K1 Multi-Function Spin Scrubber
Goodpapa K1 Multi-Function Spin Scrubber

Goodpapa K1 Multi-Function Spin Scrubber is a smart kitchen appliance. It’s a powerful 4-in 1 electric spin scrubber brush, which can cut cleaning time in half and make kitchen cleaning just a breeze. What it really does is get out stains and dirt and grime without you having to flex muscles or strain. Honestly, it’s the most convenient kitchen cleaner I’ve ever used. The spin scrubber is also ideal if you’re going on a trip or traveling. If you’re staying at a vacation rental, and you want to leave the place spiffy clean, this scrubber is extremely portable (it has USB charging). If you do end up going on a trip, take a look at 5 reasons you should book a vacation rental instead of a hotel.

The electric spin scrubber is great for the kitchen stove, the sink, BBQ grill,  your door and windows, and I also found it’s amazing in the bathroom. You can clean the hell out of your toilet (it’s waterproof), as well as the tub and sink. I usually put a lot of effort and scrubbing into my weekly cleaning, and this spin scrubber definitely saves me time and exertion. That’s because Goodpapa is the same company that makes one of the best electric toilet brushes.

Goodpapa K1 Multi-Function Spin Scrubber comes with 4 brush heads for different cleaning needs, including a bottle brush, wire brush and flat brush, as well as 18 scouring pads, so it will last you a long time. Honestly, it’s definitely going to last me a few years.

Goodpapa K1 Multi-Function Spin Scrubber

The spin scrubber has 90 minutes of cleaning time, which is more than enough time you need before recharging it. Even still, recharging is fast (about 15 minutes). There’s a button on the head of the main body, as well as the trigger, and they both do the same thing (on/ off button). You can click either button to power on the scrubber. One thing to note: there’s only one speed, but it was a good speed: not too slow, not too fast.

The scrubber has 1.18 Nm( on-load torque, super cleaning power. I used it to clean my stove, which as you can see, had a lot of stains on it. Rather than use a sponge and scrub the heck out of it, I just let the scrubber do its thing. It’s sort of like having an electric toothbrush. You just navigate the head on your teeth without putting a lot of pressure on it, and it does deep cleaning.

It’s also a sleek little scrubber that fits snuggly in the hand with its ergonomic design, and it’s got a great, soft hum to it. I loved this scrubber, which you can get on the Goodpapa website, or through Amazon.

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