Qatar Airways uses OneWorld Flagship Lounge at NYC-JFK — Take a look

If you’re flying business or first class with Qatar Airways, the award-winning airline doesn’t have a dedicated airport lounge at NYC-JFK. Instead, passengers will have access to the OneWorld Flagship Lounge.

After you check in, you take a left for a hot buffet. You can take a right for a la carte, which a lot of reviewers say is a “secret” area. It’s not really secret; it’s just not actively promoted by the check-in crew. In fact, when I checked in, she directed me to the left, though didn’t actually say that the other part of the lounge was available. I think it’s because the lounge on the left is a lot more spacious, and there are more amenities (I’ll add a photo of the lounge on the right later; I’m currently on the road and waiting for it to download).

OneWorld Flagship Lounge is a great lounge. There’s hot food (it’s not great, but again, we’re at JFK, not Singapore), a variety of beverages, stations for alcohol, a “quiet room,” showers, large, flat-screen TVs and reclining chairs.

Here’s my only request for you: WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. When you’re going on a long flight, when you’re walking 20-30 minutes through an airport (yes, we literally walk miles inside an international airport), bring comfortable shoes to wear. It makes a world of difference. I found these really comfortable sneakers on Bloomingdales. I think they have the best quality sneakers. Even if this pair isn’t your style, they obviously have a diverse selection you can check out.

I’m heading for India tonight, so be sure to check out my adventure. You can also read my review of Qatar Airways Business Class (or see my video review down below on Youtube). I’ll be posting every day!

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2 thoughts on “Qatar Airways uses OneWorld Flagship Lounge at NYC-JFK — Take a look

  1. At the checkin counter Qatar airways staff should give air line lounge passes to its Bussiness class and First class passengers . At the check in the airline staff doesn’t facilitate or apprise the passengers . This I have observed at number of times at jfk and London Heathrow airport aswell.

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