How To Relieve Travel Stress And Anxiety In 1 Minute

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Looking back at older stories, I came across a self-help post on how to reduce stress and anxiety during Covid-19 from March 30, 2020. I realize now that the video is helpful for anyone who wants to relieve travel anxiety considering all the craziness happening right now.

Passengers on flights going wild, surge in fuel costs, airfare escalating up 25% (not to mention labor shortage causing delays and cancellations), chain hotel room rates continuing to rise, and of course global inflation. SO stressful!

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So I thought it would be a good idea to show you that, well… it was a lot worse two years ago. But if you’re still needing to find hope to help mental health, this video on how to relieve travel stress and anxiety will help, especially since it’s a one minute exercise.

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Let’s take a look back at how the pandemic truly made gave us stress and anxiety at the outbreak in the pandemic, and appreciate how far we’ve come. This story was originally published March 30, 2020.

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How To Relieve Travel Stress And Anxiety In 1 Minute

It’s been almost three weeks of self quarantine and isolation. A lot of people may be going stir crazy at this point, so it’s important to stay in a good mental space!

I also recommend doing everything you can to relieve stress and anxiety, two symptoms millions of Americans are suffering right now. They can wear you out and run you down, weakening your immune system, so definitely stock up on everything you can from the pharmacy. Places like Walgreens deliver.

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Almost 50 percent of people with covid start with diarrhea as a symptom, which baffles experts, because coronavirus is a *respiratory infection*. I personally believe, because diarrhea is a symptom of anxiety and stress, and NOT a symptom to respiratory disease, some people are simply getting sick from anxiety first, which opens the doors for susceptibility.

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Obviously I’m not a doctor, and you should just assume you have it and self quarantine if you feel covid symptoms, but you should take care of yourself mentally, which is just as importantly as physically. In fact, your mental state can have an impact on your physical state. The point is: your stress and anxiety right now could compromise your health.

I unplug from social media and emails as much as I can. I meditate. I think about good moments in my life to release chemicals in my brain that suggest I’m happy and healthy and in a good place. It helps significantly.

One meditation I’m doing is extremely helpful and incredibly simple, and it takes less than a minute.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath for four seconds, and think about positivity and love and light and people you love as you inhale. Hold for four seconds. Then exhale all the anxiety and stress and negativity from your body. Do this five times.

It’s just a simple meditation, but I find it to be incredibly powerful.

It’s important people are in good mental health right now, so do whatever you can to get there! And check out my Youtube video on my updates during the coronavirus.

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