Remedy Organics Review: My Favorite New Wellness Shake

Remedy Organics

Happy New Year! It’s a time when people start thinking about their health, gym routine and diet, and I’ve been truly loving Remedy Organics. Now that I’ve been back on the road, I’m excited to review products I’m traveling with. This one’s a little different since it’s not a gadget but a wellness drink. I gave Remedy Organics a shot, and it’s become my health beverage of choice. Not only on road trips, but every day at home. Here’s my full Remedy Organics review.

Remedy Organics Review

Remedy Organics is a 100% plant based wellness beverage created by a holistic nutritionist female founder. Some of the beverages like Cacao are high in protein (up to 16 grams), but it doesn’t have that thick powdery taste of a protein shake, which is what I prefer. I ordered the whole box that has 12 different beverages (you can order easily on Amazon… it comes in packaging that keeps it cold).

Remedy Organics Plant-Based Beverage
Remedy Organics Plant-Based Beverage

OK, so what I love about these is that it’s 100% plant based, meaning it’s vegan, and there’s no strange or bloating ingredients. They’re all chockfull of great, healthy antioxidants and ingredients that’s not only good for your body, but you should be fueling your body with every day, no matter your age.

Remedy Organics Delivery
Remedy Organics Delivery via Amazon.

I love that they’re also full of prebiotics, which is good for your stomach.

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While I’m not a fan of the Cold Brew (I like my caffeine through green tea), I always give it to my neighbor, who loves it.

Remedy Organics Keto
Remedy Organics Keto

I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going to focus on how these ingredients help you, but I will tell you that the taste is delicious. They taste like a beverage you’d order fresh at a smoothie bar or cafe or Whole Foods (and yes, Remedy Organics is sold at Whole Foods!), not something you’d find in a bottle. They’re dairy free, soy free, and gluten free, by the way, since those are buzzwords we all love.

Remedy Organics
Remedy Organics

Also, there’s a variety of flavors, from Berry Immunity to Super Chai Fuel.

You can get an entire box of 12 for only $65 on Amazon! Click the link to explore the Remedy Organics shop or to purchase a variety pack.

Since I started, I now order the Remedy Reset Package every month. It comes with 18 various wellness shakes and 12 immunity shots! The value is insanely great. One of these bottles costs about $5 at Whole Foods, but the entire set is about $130 (you can get a discount when you purchase on Amazon). It’s intended as a 3-day wellness program, but I have a shake and a shot every morning for breakfast, and I don’t have an appetite until lunch time. The beverages are designed to flood your body with nutrient-dense superfoods, botanical herbs, and adaptogens to improve digestion, support immune health, and boost energy.

Again: 100% PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS! – The wellness shakes and immunity+ shots are crafted with adaptogenic herbs for immune support, prebiotics for digestive health, MCT for brain fuel, and features high-quality organic protein for satiety, energy, muscle recovery and so much more. Honestly, why wouldn’t you feed your soul with this goodness? It’s why I needed to do a Remedy Organics Review so you’re not missing out. 

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