Review: Cafe Boulud at Blantyre Resort in The Berkshires

Cafe Boulud

When something ends, something new begins. This is the case for Daniel Boulud’s Cafe Boulud in New York City, which closed on May 5. Fortunately, the legacy lives on. Boulud opened Cafe Boulud at Blantyre Resort in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. The restaurant initially began as a pop-up in July 2020, but it was so successful, it is now a permanent fixture to the luxury resort.

A Relais & Chateux property, Blantyre Country Estate is a timeless and whimsical, 110-acre estate property known for its Gilded Age mansion that’s been transformed into a high-end resort. My friend and I stayed here on the day the resort reopened for the season in late April. One of our favorite highlights was Cafe Boulud. It’s arguably the most upscale restaurant in Berkshires, offering classic French cuisine (with a modern twist) for a sophisticated dining experience right in the resort’s main mansion.

Blantyre Berkshires
Blantyre Berkshires

Inside the dining room, which had no more than a dozen tables, chandeliers were suspended from the ceiling, and the room flooded with natural light from large windows. We came around 6 pm on a rainy, overcast evening, but it was still aglow, what photographers call ‘the golden hour.’

Blantyre restaurant.
Cafe Boulud restaurant.

The attentive, sharply dressed waitstaff knew our names, which was a nice touch, and they were definitely buttoned up, indicating this wasn’t a casual meal. I’m not a huge fan of fine dining, but it wasn’t stuffy here. In fact, I loved the young and enthusiastic staff, and the windows brought in a ton of light, making the space feel a tad bigger yet still intimate.

Cafe Boulud Berkshires
Cafe Boulud Berkshires

Our waiter had a slightly Polish accent, and he truly elevated our meal with encyclopedic knowledge of our dishes, as well as a friendliness and personality that was professional and appreciated. I loved that we were spread out. There was a lot of room for privacy, but we didn’t feel completely removed. Cafe Boulud is destination dining, and we did feel transported to another era with the historic building.

Cafe Boulud
Cafe Boulud

I treated myself to Peekytoe Crab Cake with pico del Gallo Verde. It was fresh, scrumptious and beautifully prepared. I also got a glass of red that was $50. Delicious. Best thing ever.

Cafe Boulud
Cafe Boulud crab cakes

Here’s a closer shot of the appetizer crab cakes.

crab cake Boulud
Crab cake at Cafe Boulud

For my main entree, I had tender and moist Crescent Farms duck breast served with baby Swiss chard.

duck breast at Cafe Boulud
duck breast at Cafe Boulud

The adjoining, dimly lit and swanky vintage bar with fireplace (which you must walk through to enter the restaurant) had the perfect ambience.

Bar at Blantyre
The bar.

The dining experience was exceptional, from the meal to the atmosphere. Service makes all the difference, and the staff exceeded expectations. I’d return when I’m back in the Berkshires, especially since the beloved Cafe Boulud is now closed in NYC. It was a legendary space, and its legacy continues to live on, thanks to Blantyre.

Have you been to Cafe Boulud at Berkshires? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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