REVIEW: I Tried The VIP Service at Punta Cana International Airport

VIP Service Punta Cana International Airport

In February, I stayed at Eden Roc Cap Cana, one of the top 5-star resorts in Dominican Republic — but equally luxurious was the VIP Service at Punta Cana International Airport,  where I breezed through lines, had a VIP escort, and best of all, I had exclusive access to the outdoor airport pool (and a private lounge reserved only for VIP Service guests). Now that travel has become a little more uncomfortable with flight delays, crowded airports, and other challenges, why not treat yourself to getting full VIP Service treatment, especially at an international airport? 

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VIP Service is an extra service passengers can receive when flying through Punta Cana International Airport. When you purchase this service, you get:

  • Pick up at the breezeway off your plane by a VIP Service escort.
  • Exclusive line (no waiting!) at immigration.
  • Exclusive line (no waiting!) at customs.
  • VIP exit out the airport to a private, non-crowded pick-up area.

Private VIP Service Lounge Punta Cana Airport

On the return, when you’re dropped off at Punta Cana International Airport after your trip, you get:

  • Access to a private lounge and fast-service check in (no waiting in any check-in line!).
  • You’re escorted through the airport to the business class lounge, which has food, WIFI, a bar and a PRIVATE OUTDOOR AIRPORT POOL for one last swim before your flight.
  • Access to a private lounge within the business class lounge. That’s right. There is an additional lounge only VIP Service guests have access to. The lounge overlooks the runway and the pool.

Now, if you’re going to use the VIP service, you might as well look good doing it. Our favorite selection of sunglasses are at Bloomingdales.

Click here to read a full review of VIP Service. It costs about $200 round trip, so it’s definitely worth it if you’re into privileges! Now more than ever, more people are trying to find the most convenient ways to travel, especially since it’s become a lot less comfortable.

Using a private VIP Service comes in handy big time. I would rather splurge on this extra service than wait in long lines at customs in a hot room. You also feel like a celebrity as you’re met right at the gate and whiz right through all the access points while everyone watches. Hey, you only live once.

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